Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Simple Christmas

 Anyone that knows me, would say that I like glitter.  Usually my Christmas Decor is jam packed!  Glitter everywhere, things hanging from the ceiling, a tree so full of ornaments there is hardly any tree peeking out.  Well not so this year!  We went with a very simple rustic theme.  

We have undergone some changes with our dogs in the past two months.  We had two dogs pass away in two weeks (it was very sad) and we ended up buying two puppies.  I know, we are absolutely crazy!  So with puppies and toddlers around the house this Christmas, we opted to get a live tree in a bucket that can be planted after Christmas.  We put the tree on an old chair in the corner by the Fireplace.

I found this old piece of Barn wood and put some vinyl spelling out NOEL on it and placed it by some packages in a basket of logs...

I found this cute little live tree and wrapped it in some burlap...

I made a star out of some twigs from our the hedge in the backyard, I had some berries that I fashioned into a wreath and placed on a small bench by some candles and cedar branches...

I have just some simple wreaths on the armoire...

There you have it, our simple Christmas!  We have actually really liked it this year.  It goes along with our Advent calendar and Barn wood boxes!

If you would like to see more of this Fireplace and how I built it, you can do so here or by clicking on the photo below

Have a wonderful day!
With Much Love & Gratitude,

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