Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free Chalkboard Valentine Printable...

 I designed a Chalkboard Printable and wanted to share it with you!

I printed mine as an 8x10 and placed it in this double frame I made last year…

It was so fun to do and I'm certain I will design some more printables to share!!

Simply click on this link below and it will take you to a screen where you can download it!  I printed mine as an 8x10.  They would also be cute as little cupcake toppers or used as a tag on a bag or jar of Candy Too!


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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crock Pot Chocolate Lava Cake!

So I ran across this recipe on Pinterest.  

I pinned it.  Then I made it!  Then we Ate it!  It is Amazing!  So I wanted to share it with you!  It is so simple!!!  I mean Simple!  And it is soooo yummy!!!

Best part is, its made in the Crockpot!  Woot!

The ingredients you will need…

Cake mix, veg. oil, milk,  eggs, pudding, milk chocolate Chips & parchment paper.  That's it!  

I found my way to this blog for the full instructions…

For the full recipe click HERE


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Monday, January 13, 2014

Snowman in a Jar

 Do you Want to Build a Snowman?  Ahh yes!  We love that song from the Movie Frozen!!   I wanted to share with you a Craft for Kids that can be made to enjoy the month of January.   

In fact, why not have a Snowman Building Party In Doors!  It's much warmer inside and the best part is, these Snowmen won't melt!  Invite a couple friends over and let the fun begin.  

To have an organized Snowman Build that will run smoothly, have all of your Snowman essentials ready to go in a Kit for each of the Party participants.  Thus we have the Snowman in-a-jar Snowman Kit!  

Don't have time to host a party?   These kits can be made ahead of time and stored so when an inside day comes with nothing to do, here's a craft ready to go!!

Snowman Kits ready for each party participant!

Here are the supplies you will need to fill your Snowman jars…

For Each kit… ( I purchased all of my craft supply items at Michaels)

1.   Orange paint.  
Extra small 1/8 in. dowel or stick for the nose, & 2.5 in of the same dowel to secure head & body 
(1)-  2 in. Styrofoam ball for the belly 
 (1)- 1.5 in. Styrofoam ball for the head, 
2 twigs for the arms,
 felt square for the scarf, 
white glitter, 
cupcake wrapper for accent,
 button brads for eyes and belly, 
Mini Brads for mouth.   
Mason Jar with lid and band.

2. Use glue or modpodge to cover the styrofoam balls and then glitter with White glitter. let dry.

3. The Brads I used for the snowman kits, purchased at Michaels.

4. Break of a small portion of the dowel, roughly 1/2 in. long and paint orange.

To Fill your Snowman Kits…

1. Optional, You can make the faces ahead of time.  This helped our Snowman build to move along faster.

2. Fill the Mason jars with everything they will need to make a Snowman! Styrofoam balls glittered, Face, Scarf, twigs for arms, Brads for the belly, a 2.5 in dowel to attach the head and body together.

3. Place lid on top of Mason jar, take a Cupcake wrapper and place over the top of lid. Place band over the top of wrapper.

4.  Print off a Cute tag that reads Snowman Kit and tie to top of jar.

To Build a Snowman…

Once all of your party participants have arrived and chosen their Snowman Kit…

1.  Empty contents of the Snowman Kit.

2. Assemble head to body of Snowman with the longer dowel.  Can also glue for stronger hold.

3. Flip the Mason lid and band upside down and Glue Snowman to underside of Lid.  I removed the Cupcake liner  to take a picture, but the cupcake liner can be kept in between the lid and the band for accent.  

4. finish up belly buttons and glue scarf.  More accents such as hats, ear muffs can be placed on the snowmen too.  We liked ours without. 

Snowman Build complete!  These little guys are so fun to have out around the house!  We added some fake snow at the base of our Snowmen for accent.

Now your party participants have a party favor to take home that they constructed themselves!


With Much Love & Gratitude,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Make a Arrow Marquee Light

I wanted to share with you how I built my Arrow Marquee Light! 

 When I built it, I had an idea in mind of what I wanted. But now that it is finished, I have been even more pleased with it!  I have used it for some decor around the house and plan to use it for other occasions also!!!

I cut some Vinyl and placed it on the front of it  
Such as a Kissing Booth sign Decor for Valentines Day!  

At Christmas, it directed us to the North Pole…

This is how I made mine...  I used 1/4 in. smooth finish plywood.  I sketched my arrow out by hand.  It is 27 in. long and 19 in. tall.  I used my jigsaw and cut out the arrow.    I painted my arrow a darker grey before I framed it, just to minimize taping off.

*****Note!!!!  If you use the 1/4 in. plywood, then you will have to frame and nail on the underside around the edges with some thicker strips of plywood such as I have done here.  This is necessary for when you frame the edges of the arrow so there will be something for the outside framing edges to be nailed to.  

***** If you do not wish to frame the underside, then just use a thicker plywood to cut your arrow out of such as 1/2 in. thick plywood.  I have made this arrow with that also and it works just as well.

Here is the 1/4 in. plywood with the framing around the bottom to give a base to nail the edges to. 

 I used some pine that I bought at Lowes and cut into strips 1 1/2 in. wide and painted white.  I next turned the 1 1/2 in. wide up on its side and that is what fits up against the outside edge of the arrow.    It does not lay flat, it is turned up on its side. These are used for the outside edge framing…  I had to use an angle finder and miter saw to make my inverted cuts.

I followed all along the outside edge of the arrow to frame the entire sign.  I will say this was one of the more time consuming parts of this project.  The Angle finder saved me though.  Some of these cuts were insanely crazy inverted and the angle finder saved me!!!

 Once I cut and fit all of my outside trim, I used some 1 1/2 in brads to nail the edges of the trim into the plywood strips that I framed on the underside of the arrow with.  

This is a shot once I have them all nailed together and have it painted a dark grey…  Once the outside edges are nailed on, I sanded them down and ran some stain over the edges to give them a more worn look. The edges are raised up from the flat bottom of the arrow to give it a framed look. (Again you can see how the pine is standing up on its side and not laying flat to frame around the outside edge of the arrow.)

I next measured in how far I wanted the lights to go from the edge and marked with a pencil where I needed to drill. ***Big note!  If you have the framing on the underside, plan for the space to make the hole so that it does not hit the underside framing.  On some of mine, I ran into that issue.  If you use 1/2in. plywood for your arrow, then you do not need to plan for this space. 

   I then used a 3/4 in. drill bit and drilled my holes… I did have to roll my bit around in each of the holes a little to allow for the lights to come through.

I have used a couple different type of lights for this sign.  I have used the C7 Christmas lights, the Clear round patio style lights and the fogged round patio style.  They each have a fun look to them! 

 Once your holes are drilled, hold the base of the lights around back and place the bulb through the front of the sign.  Screw them into the housing of the light and it should hold.  Some of my lights are not perfect, they even come through the front of the sign.  It takes a little bit of trial and error to get the lights just right! 

Here is a shot of the back side of the light to see how all of the wires and framing look.  

Here is the sign once the lights are through and lit...

I cut and use Vinyl on my arrow so that it can be changed out for any season or occasion I may use the Arrow light for!  I can't wait to use it in the summer too (Movie Night)!!!

Here is the North Pole Vinyl

I'm totally Crushing on the Kissing Booth!

I love love this sign!  If you make one, I hope you enjoy yours too!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorites from 2013

Happy New Year!  I hope you have had a wonderful Holiday Season! 
 For the last couple of weeks, I haven't been posting too much lately...  I have been very ill.  After months and months of not feeling well, several trips to Instacare that always resulted in a diagnosis of only a virus, finally a Doctor discovered I had an infection in my ear and Sinuses. 

I have been battling several debilitating migraines and loss of energy. I really do not know how I had the strength to build things for my Christmas Show and then complete everything I needed to for the Christmas season. It finally caught up to me, I have literally been on the couch or in bed since Christmas Eve.  I am slowly starting to mend now and finding a little more energy.  Yippie!   Our family  has also been fighting a cough virus at the same time.  When you have a family of 7 and 5 of the 7 have been ill in the last week and a half, you feel as if you are living through an apocalypse of some sort!  I think we are slowly on the mend and I have been able to start getting our house back in order and ready to get on to the NEW YEAR! 

With all that said, I wanted to share with you some of my Favorites from 2013!
**To see the tutorials or read more about any of the following items, simply click on the photos below. 

In January, I designed and built this message center

February was one of my favs, this huge Wooden Heart I built complete with personalized names and dates of our family on it...

Along with a tutorial on how to sew an Envelope pillow using Chevron.

and these fun Valentines I made for my girls…

March I made some cute little Spring chicks using the Silhouette double sided adhesive paper…

April was the fun Pottery Barn style, Fold-n-go totes that I designed and built…

May was Madi's Birthday Party we called "The Cake Stand"

In June, I did a tutorial on how I made the Ombre Rosette Cake for Madi's Party…

July was a tutorial on Land of the Free

August I showed some fun Pennant Pillows I made…

September I shared some Fall Pillows I made also…

October was a tutorial on some fun Broomstick Parking Cupcake toppers…

a Pottery Barn Style Typewriter Sign

and some Vintage Halloween Signs I designed and built…

November was a tutorial on some Pallet-Style Christmas Signs

December was a tutorial on some Magnetic Bingo Countdown to Christmas Signs…

and a Tutorial on Pallet-Style Silent night

and this fun NOEL sign…

I can't believe another year has gone by!  Thanks so much for reading my Blog.  I have some fabulous projects planned for 2014!  Stay tuned!

If you are ever curious about what's going on daily in our lives, you can follow me on Instagram!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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