Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage Style Framed Halloween Signs


I have been on a sign kick lately!

I got out my skill saw, Cut up some 1/4 inch plywood to various sizes. Painted the plywood the color I wanted... 

Using Various Fonts, made some designs in Silhouette Studio. Cut some stencils...

Ripped some 1/2 in plywood on the table saw and using my brad nailer, nailed it  to add support to the edges on the back...

Ripped an 8 in. pine board down to 1 7/8 in. wide to create the sides of the frame for the board... Nailed it, with the brad nailer to the sides, Painted and stained it along with sanding down the sign and staining it to however much stain looked good... 

There you have it... Finished! I like Jack O'.  I had him on my Mantle, but I donated it to a Boutique for someone who is battling Cancer, & I missed him so much that I hurried and made me another one.

It feels good to have him back on the Mantle along with Spooky and  the 31...

I made a Ghosts & Goblins one too...

and Boo!

I've been working on some Fun Christmas ones too! 

Have a Fabulous Monday,

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  1. Love, Love, Love! These signs look great together on the mantel.

  2. I love it! I got it from the boutique and it is super cute! Thanks

  3. Love these they are super cute. Got a question on the stencils you made with your Silhouette. I have not tried to use my Sillhouette this way yet. What media is the stencil made from? Thanks for any help. I still buy a lot of stencils, but would love to be making my own.

    1. oh yes the stencils are actually just ones I designed up in Silhouette Studio by myself. They are just different fonts in various sizes is all. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Are they made of the blank stencil mylar? Or is it heavy paper that the stencils are made from? I bought some blank stencil (plastic or mylar) from Hobby Lobby for this just not sure how to set the machine blade Thanks Michell!

  5. I just use white contact paper that I purchase at Lowe's. I buy the 12 in. contact paper so it can fit in my Silhouette. I just use the setting of vinyl when I send it to cut. I think I adjust the blade to cut a little bit deeper than it suggests on the screen just so it makes a good clear cut. hope that helps!


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