Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!


I hope you have a great Weekend!  We are gearing up for our Egg Hunt here! (This picture above is still one of my Favorites from when our Chickens were just tiny!)

and this one I love with Ivy and the Chick in a face off!

Wanted to leave you with a little something of what I've been seeing a lot of lately...

Yep, Sawdust covered feet!  I've been working on a small project the past couple weeks, I'll keep ya posted!!!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bright and Colorful Toppers!!

I wanted to share with you some fun cupcake toppers I made a couple years ago.  I made these for Madi's Baptism, and ok well, my Birthday too! She was Baptized on my 40th Birthday!  Yep I was very pregnant with Ivy at the time!  It was super fun to share this day with Madi!!  

These toppers can be used for other things too, Birthdays, Backyard parties, Holidays etc.

  This was back before my Silhouette days, so yes I did them by hand.  I would have to do them in different time increments, due to my feet swelling up and couldn't stand for very long (pregnancy).  

I took some pictures of her that I also used for her Invite.  Resized them and other digital scrapbook elements to 1 inch circles, placed them all on the same sheets and had them printed.  

Once they were printed I bought a cute circle punch and punched out all of the circles.  I randomly used other scrapbook elements to decorate each flag.  I printed off some sayings like, Enjoy, Her name, Birthday, Baptism, Happiness etc.  I cut the words out, and also cut out some fun accent ribbons.  I cut the triangles out and them just assembled them. 

 I also bought a butterfly punch which I highly recommend!  It was sooo fun to accent with!  I loved bending the wings a little to give it some flair! I also loved the butterfly punch out of old book paper!  It just gives such a fun accent!

I frosted the cupcakes and accented them with various bright sprinkles!

I didn't do an elaborate dessert table display for her event, I just used the cupcake toppers as the main display with other various cakes and cookies! It still was bright, cheery and added a lot!

These toppers have been some of my most favorite to make ever!! I loved the colors and  flair they added to her special event!! One thing that was fun that her guests did was, they kept the toppers with Madi's pictures and took them home as a memoir of her. (I thought that was so sweet of them!)

I did some of these same type of toppers for a Mother Daughter party too that was fun and I'll share that with you too along with the fun invites for it!!

Have a fabulous day!
With much Love & Gratitude,

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter is on it's Way...

 Have you ever thought to do Easter photos before Easter??  I did this idea years ago and have loved it.  

I know when the time arrives for Easter Egg Hunts, it can become very troublesome to get that perfect shot! 

 One year, I took my kids to the park,  I put Madi in a cute Easter Dress and Hat.  She was just little at the time.  I took a bunch of plastic Easter Eggs that were empty and threw them all over the grass.  She had sooo much fun cleaning them up and putting them in her basket!!  Yes, I was right there capturing all the shots.  This one has always been my Favorite!  In fact, I found a cute frame for it and its on our Mantel...

The best part about the "staged" photo is, I have the precious shot captured and I didn't have to worry about it during our actual Easter Egg Hunt.

I've done this before with our little Aves too...

Of Course on the day of the Egg Hunt, I still captured some fun shots too!  For 14 years now, we have hosted an Easter Egg Hunt in our yard!  It is sooo much fun every year!! I'll have to dig out some other shots from year's past Egg Hunts to share.  It is such a fun thing to do if you ever decide to host one! 

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring "Sparkle" Chicks...

I made this using Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper.  I put it on some boards I made to look like barn wood.  If you want a tutorial on how to make the barn wood you can see that here With our cubbies tutorial or here with our Barnwood boxes tutorial. To see how I made the barn wood boards look like flat pallet art style you can see that tutorial here with our Heart Board.  My boards for this project are just a 3.5 inch pine board.  The dimensions for this project are 14 in. wide by 10 3/4 in. high.

 The chicks do have a little different texture to them.  I used some beads for the chicks and they turned out kinda fun. I like how the light catches the beads and makes them sparkle.

I found these small beads at Michaels in the Bead section. I thought they would offer a different kinda "fluffy" appearance for the chicks... Another fun part about the beads is they offer a different sparkle  or dimension to the Chicks when the light catches them.

 I sized my chicks download in Silhouette Studio.  Cut them out with the white paper facing up

Did a Layout of how I wanted them to sit on the boards

Peeled off the yellow and white paper and placed the clear sticky paper on the boards.  I next sprinkled the beads onto the sticky paper and shaped them around the chicks.  The beads stuck very well to the paper.

Used some yellow glitter for their legs and feet

I put a dab of glue in the hole for their eyes and used a toothpick to drop some black glitter into their eyes...

Cut some vinyl...


I really like this Double-sided Adhesive paper.  It is so fun to work with!

If you decide to make some spring fever chicks, I hope you enjoy yours as much as we have ours...

If you would like to see another tutorial using Double Sided Adhesive Paper made by the Silhouette Company, you can see that here.

I was not paid by the Silhouette company to review this product nor did I receive any compensation from them.  I was given this paper by their company to use and give a review of it on my blog.

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Baby Journal

 I wanted to share with you how you can make a journal for a Baby.  Do you know someone expecting a baby or perhaps you are expecting one yourself?  These journals make the perfect gift!  

They are fun to make.  I'll show you how I made this one...

My friend Texie made one of these journals and I loved the idea so I made some as gifts and one for our Ava.

I purchased a basic spiral notebook that comes with two pockets located in the front of it and some ribbon to coordinate with the colors I wanted the book to have.    I've  done this journal two ways in the past.  I have done all of the cover and monthly pages digitally with scrapbook elements and also with actual scrapbook papers and elements.  You can do it either way.

This journal is designed to be a monthly marker of your baby's 1st year.  Each month has a title page and several papers for you to write about your baby's progress or what they did during that month.

A ribbon is used as a tab for each month to divide the months from month 1 to month 12, and for you to grab and open the month with as in the photo below...

Here is a side view of how the ribbon tabs are spread throughout the journal.  There are approximately 10 or so lined papers in between each month...

I made a cover page to put on the front of the notebook...

I made a digital scrapbook cover page for each of the 12 months to place at each of the ribbon tabs throughout the journal... It can be printed as an 8x10 photo or I have had them printed at Alphagraphics on Cardstock too.

For example, here are some of the cover pages for the months, placed over their respective ribbon tabs..

This is how I did a ribbon tab for the months.  For  month #1, it is placed at the first of the notebook.

I cut a small amount of ribbon and folded it.  Used glue dots to place it under the cover page and placed it at the first of the notebook on the first set of lined paper...

here it is placed under the cover page...

This is where the  cover page will go in the notebook, right on the lined paper.

So once that ribbon tab was placed, I counted out 10 - 15 pages and placed the cover page for that month right on the lined paper and glued the ribbon tab for month 2 under it.  You do have to be careful to space out your ribbon tabs so  all 12 fit throughout the book...

Here is another cover page...I counted out another 10-15 pages and placed the 3rd month again right on the lined paper with the ribbon tab under the cover page...
here are some other examples of the other month's cover pages... You can design your's any way you prefer and colors of your choice! (Notice the tab off to the  side, When you grab that yellow tab, the journal will open to month 5)

This is how I did the ribbon on the spiral edge...  I just cut several pieces of ribbon at least 3-4 inches long and then just tied  them with a knot along the spiral part of the notebook...

a few more added...


One more fun thing I did to add to this journal is,  I made some milestone marker cards to be used throughout the journal...

I made several cards and thought of different things that the baby would achieve. For example, 1st time rolling over, 1st steps, 1st baseball game, 1st trip to Grandmas, 1st tooth, 1st smile, 1st bath, etc.  You can even personalize them to your lifestyle.  For example, my sister's husband Races Cars, so when I made her baby journal I made them a card that said 1st time to the Race Track.

The cards are roughly 3.5 inches by 4 inches.  I just made up a bunch of them in photoshop and had them printed off on 8x10  cardstock paper.

  Cut them out and stapled ribbon to the sides.

Now if you are wondering where all of these cards are kept until you need to place them in their respective month of the journal...This is where the pockets in your notebook you purchased come into play!  

Here are the pockets in the notebook right?

I covered the upper portion with card stock...

 I made a smaller cover page for the lower portion too! 

 Then I placed all of the milestone cards inside the pockets to be stored there until needed!

I also made up some cards for each of the Doctor visits your baby goes to throughout their first year.  They go in the other pocket that comes with the notebook.

Here is a Doctor card up close.

Stapled some ribbon to them also!

To illustrate how I have used the milestone cards, I'll show you how I used them in my Ava's journal.  Now the cards I made up for her journal are different than those pictured above, I did Ava's journal in Red and Blue, but I wanted you to get an idea of how I used them.

This was Ava's first trip to a Baseball game, she was just a few weeks old, so I took out her card that said 1st trip to a Baseball Game and placed it in under her 1st month section of the journal.  I also printed off a picture of the kids with her and placed it there too for fun!

and the first time Ava smiled...

You can also use the journal to just put little thoughts and pictures you might have...  I did these simple ones just to journal to Ava...

If you decide to make one of these, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have ours!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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