Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Witches

One Halloween, Madi and Aves were Witches.  I decided to add some fun to their costumes, so I made them some Witches Capes.  I loved how they turned out.  I found some trim and accented around the collars and down the fronts.  
At this time, Aves had just learned to walk.  It was so fun to take her photo in this costume.

I took them to some old barns and a little old white house.  I told them to head up to the door...

A fun little shot with the wands...

Then Aves took off running... I love how she shows up in the background.

Cute one of mads...

I just love to photograph Toddlers, they are so unpredictable...

Fun one of the two of them...

I LOVE this one.  It was while I had them walking to the door.  So cute how Aves is looking back at the Camera...

And this one Simply stated is just SPOOKY and COOL... (Again, one of my favs),  Ava was running and if you look her cape is just right.  It looks as if she's riding on a Broom!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treat... Wall

 I just wanted to share with you a fun thing I did this year for Halloween Decor...

On our Board and Batton Wall in the Front room I did a display of several Past year's Trick or Treating Costumes...

I love to take the kids photos in their Costumes.  I went through photos of several years back and recent years.  Also used some of the photos that are favorites of the kids in the fall too. 

 I had them enlarged at Sam's Club.  Bought some foam board, cut the foam board to the size of the photos.  Glued them onto the foam board.  I had some empty photo frames already painted orange and black to place behind the photos and I bought these strands of colored pearl balls to accent.

It's been fun to have displayed and the kids have loved it.  Our little Ivy loves to stand and point out everyone, especially herself!   "That's me, that's me Ivy!"  She will say!

(P.s.  I will post soon some more shots about the girls in their witch costumes you see here.  It was such a fun fun shoot!)

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Giveaway Winner is...

I wanted to announce the Winner(s), yes that's right, there is a twist! Winners of the Halloween Giveaway!  

Because I love my Readers so much,  I made some extras to give away 2  Packages of Halloween Goodies!!   

So Drumroll please....

The two lucky winners  who will each receive a Prize package full of Cupcake toppers, banners, ornaments and a Witch Hat are:

                    1.  Lesa Crook   and      2. Bonnie Brown!

Congrats guys!  I hope you enjoy your Halloween Goodies!

Thank you to everyone who entered!! Thank you for all your wonderful comments and of course, thanks for tuning in and Reading!!

(Could I please Have my two winners contact me as soon as possible to claim their prize so I will have your information  to get your prize packages to you!  Thanks sooo much! ) emailing me is fine: Michelle@Chalkboardblue.com

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Photo Shoot No. 2

Ok well this isn't the second Costume shoot  I've done with the kids, but the second to share with you...

In a bit, I'll share with you why I decided to post about this one.

I love to do Halloween Photo shoots with the kids.  Last year was fun.  I like to shoot the pics down in the Hollow. The kids were all pretty much different things.

Mads wanted to be a Peacock..
Parker was funny...

We decided Ivy would be a cute Owl...

This next part is why I wanted to share these pics with you:

The decision on what Aves should be was a hard one.  I kept asking Ava, "What do you want to be?"  
Ava's reply: "I don't know".

Then my mind wandered back to a prior week at our home.  Ava was going through this stage... That 3 year old stage where bags of cheetos are emptied on the floor, the salt shaker is completely emptied onto the counter, milk dumped out...  Oh yes, that stage.

So One night I'm working away on the Computer.  All of a Sudden I hear this little person's voice.

Ava says:  "It's Stuck"

Me: "What's stuck Ava?"

Ava: "This is stuck."

I turn around to find Ava's Arm completely submerged in a jar of Peanut Butter. She is trying to shake it off and it won't budge!   I burst out in complete hysterics!!  I of course had to take her picture: (If you notice, her arm is hanging down and that jar of PB is going nowhere! Yes, that's peanut butter on her face too!)

At the time, Aves had a fascination with Peanut Butter.   We would go costume shopping, and I would tell her, you can be a Princess, A cupcake, whatever you want.  She just couldn't decide.  Finally I said, well Aves would you want to be Peanut Butter?  Her face lit up!  Yes!  Yes!

I wannnnn be Peanut Budder!  So I made her a Peanut Butter costume: Have you ever seen a Kid happier to be a jar of Peanut Butter??  I made the body out of felt and the top out of cardboard.

Of course the photo shoot was not complete without some tears...

I managed to get a shot of all 5 kids before Mac had to rush off to Baseball...

Thanks for letting my share.  I have a little project I have done with some of our Halloween shoots. 

Happy Haunting,
With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Giveaway...

I wanted to offer Quick Giveaway just in time for Halloween!

This will be a box full of goodies to decorate for the upcoming Halloween Festivities!

Here is what is included:

You will receive a Package of some items to help get you ready for the Holiday:
   - Spooky Banner
   - No. 31 ornament
   - A Witch hat Centerpiece
   - A Fright Night Ornament
   - Some Cupcake toppers
   - Chunky banner

All you have to do to enter is:
     This Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all who entered! Leave a comment on this post or on my Facebook page!  

Giveaway runs only until this Wednesday Oct. 24. (11:00 p.m.) winner will be announced on Thursday Oct. 25!

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Groovy Door!

 I wanted to share with you how I made the Grooves in our Shed door!

When we built our shed/coop, we needed a door to get rather large items in and out.  We decided on a Split door.  I told Ryan, I've never built a shed door before, but why not try?  So I did! 

If you are new to my blog and want to read more on how we built our Shed/Coop you can do so here and how we finished the outside run here.

Here is a close up of the door while it was still under construction...

I made it in two parts.  The top and the bottom. I wanted a Beadboard look for the door but knew I wouldn't be able to find what I wanted so I knew I was going to have to make the grooves myself!  I used the same material that the rest of the shed is made out of.  I cut the sizes  out of the door material that I was going to need.  

I next figured out the spaces between grooves and how far apart I wanted the grooves to be.  I marked them with a tape measure at the top of the board for each groove and at the bottom for each groove.

I found me a good straight board that was going to be my guide board or a Jig.   I used some clamps and the guide board.  I figured over from where the guard on the skill saw would meet the guide board and measured over from the guide board to the distance where I wanted the groove to be and that was where I clamped down the guide board.

Here is a longer shot of how I clamped the guide board down and moved it across the board to make the grooves.

When I made each groove, I only wanted a groove.  So I knew if the saw was set all the way down, it would cut completely through the board, so I had to adjust the diameter as to how deep I wanted the blade to drop.  There is a wing nut or place on most skill saws where you can adjust the depth of the cut.  I adjusted mine to only a 1/4 of an inch to make each groove.

I did this same thing for the top part of the door as well as the bottom part of the door.  I painted the door halves and cut and placed the trim on them and hung the door.  I literally hung this door on the shed at 9:30 p.m. one night by flashlight. (Ryan and the boys were at Church that night and I wanted it done, I remember it even fell on top of my head, but I was determined to get it hung,  and I did!)  Yippie!

I Figured out where I wanted the window to go and cut that out and had some plexi glass cut and screwed it to the back of the door for the window.

Here is a shot with the top half opened.  

**Cute story:  My family has always had a spilt door on our Island Home in Washington.  When I was little, I used to play, Drive Thru with it.  A few weeks ago, I went outside and found my Madi playing Drive Thru with this door!  Awwww.
Well that is how I made our "Groovy" Door!  Thanks so much for reading!!  I still need to give you a tour of the inside that Ryan has been finishing up. It's lookin great!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Party Invite...

Are you hosting a Halloween Party or are you in charge of the Invites?  Well I wanted to give you an idea of how to make a fun Halloween Party invite!

You know I love to make the invite fun and a little outside the box, right?  Well how about an invite that is outside the hat?

I love to make an invite that is so fun and different.  An invite that gives a little joy or excitement about coming to the party to the party guest...

This is how I made these invites...
I bought some paper mache witch hats at Michaels.  

I painted the hat black
Glued a ribbon around it

Cut out a frame on my Silhouette Cameo.  Glittered the frame.  glued some book paper in the middle of the frame. 
Cut out a raven and glued it to the book paper.  Printed off a banner that says All Hallows Eve and glued it across the top of the frame.  Cut a small block of wood and glued it to the back of the frame to make it sturdy.  Glued the finished frame to the side of the hat. 

Designed and cut out tickets on the Cameo and as shown in the photo above, glued them off to the side of the frame on the hat brim.

Designed and cut out on the Cameo a masquerade mask with the party info on it. Glued a stripey straw as the handle and tied a ribbon, then glued it behind the frame...

Glued them on the hat as well and there we have a Party Invite!

Enjoy and have fun at your Halloween Parties!!

 With Much Love & Gratitude,

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