Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Build a Kids Pic-Nic Table

Hello! With Summer right around the corner,  I wanted to share with you how I built this kid's Pic-Nic Table.  This table is the very first item I ever built.   I needed a table for a Birthday Party and so I decided to build one.

  That was 10 years ago and here it is.  Yes, I have sanded it down and it has been re-painted through the years, but it is one of our favorite yard items to have outside.

This table takes roughly 10- 2x4's to build.
2 1/2 or  3 in. length screws or around that length should be perfect for fastening this table.  I pre-drilled each hole with a drill bit and then screwed each screw in place to make the assembly of the screws much easier.  

You will need to cut 

9-   42 in. long boards. = 5 of them will be the top of the table. 
                                        4 of them for the benches

2-  39 1/4 in.  Bench supports
4-  24 1/4 in.  legs
2-  16 in. side braces for the top boards to be screwed into.
2 -  18 1/4 in. Cross support bars

For the top.   Cut your 5 boards at 42 in. lengths.  For the two outside boards on the top do a small angle cut at the top and the bottom corners. (note the the angles are not the entire end of the board, just a small space is angled off)

For the Benches.  Cut 4 boards also 42 in. lengths.  Again do the small angle cut on the outside corners as pictured above.

Build your Outside Braces. 
  Take your board that you cut 16 in. in length.  Angle cut the ends at an inward angle on each end.

Take your two boards you cut 24 1/4 in. long.  Cut the ends of them that will be touching the ground at a 30 degree angle.  To make sure that is the angle you want your table to sit at, I recommend you use an angle finder to find just the right angle you want the table to sit at.   ( you may want to do a test cut first on a scrap piece of wood to make sure you get the angle you want.  You may find a 35 degree angle or 25 degree angle works better for you).  

Fasten these two boards on the inside to the top Brace you cut 16 inches.  Make sure the legs are evenly resting on the ground before you fasten them to the top brace or your table will not sit evenly. 
Here is an inside shot of how the legs are fastened.  

Attach Bench Supports
Once your outside braces are built, you can attach your bench supports to them.  The bench supports are cut 39 1/4 in. long.  Cut each end of the bench supports at an angle like the top of the table angles. 

Next, they will be fastened on the inside of the braces.  They are placed  approximately 8 in. down from the top of the brace and 10 1/2 in. up from the ground or legs.

Attach Bench top Pieces
Now you can place your bench top pieces to the bench supports you just attached to the side braces.

The leg braces are spaced 30 1/2 in. apart.    The bench tops are placed so that the screws to anchor them to the leg braces are 8 inches in from the ends.  as shown in the picture below.  Remember to place the angled corners in the correct places.

Attach Table Top Pieces
Once the bench pieces are in place and fastened.  the 5 top boards can be fastened to the leg braces.  The screws for the top boards will be placed approximately 5 inches in from the ends.  Start at one end or side of the table top and work your way across.  Remember to place your angled corners in the correct places.

Now that the top bars are fastened onto the braces, it is time to anchor the last two crossbars underneath for added support.  

Each support has two different angle cuts on each end. Use an angle finder to get the correct angle to cut for the top end that attaches to the underside of the table top. They are fastened at an angle on the underside of the table.   Use the angle finder to get the correct angle for the opposite end that attaches to the inside of the bench support.  They are fastened from the outside of the bench support and on the inside as well.

All that is left is to do is paint and your table is ready to go!  I hope if you build this table, you will enjoy it as much as we have through the years!

Here is a little Throwback!  The table when I first built it!  It was green and I stamped words on it for fun!  This was for Madi for her Tea Party Birthday!!

It has also been painted red through the years as well…


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  1. Glad you threw in a throw back photo. I MiSS MY ROSES!! Love Madi in her little hat & outfit, A&E had the same style too. Oh, seems like yesterday they were that little. So cute.

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