Monday, October 13, 2014

Broom Stick Parking Cupcake Toppers

 I wanted to share with you a Cupcake Topper tutorial!  I love to make Cupcake Toppers.  I think they add so much fun to Parties, Holidays and Cupcakes in general!  

I made some Witches Broomsticks and "Parking" signs out of some supplies I had around the house!

Here are the supplies I used:

1 piece of Corrugated Kraft Cardstock (purchased from Michaels)
Some grey/white twine
Kraft Paper with "Broomstick Parking Only" Printed on it
Black & Orange Striped Straws

I designed my "Broomstick parking Only" and printed it out.  I cut them out making jagged edges on the sides.
I then cut my orange straws in half or to whatever length I wanted them and hot glued the straws to the back of the signs...

I then made the broomsticks...

1. Cut strips of the corrugated kraft card stock 1 3/4 in. wide by 4 in. long.

2. Using scissors, cut very narrow strips about 2/3 of the way of each strip on the long side to make them have a frayed effect.

3. Cut your Black and white straws 4 in. each or in half.  Place a small dab of glue at one end of the card stock  and glue the straw to it.

4. Roll up your strip of frayed card stock with the straw glued in.  When you reach the end, place another dab of glue to secure the card stock.  

5. Take a length of twine long enough to tie around the cardstock towards the top portion of the card stock that is not frayed.  Pull it tight enough that the bottom ends of the broom start to poke out. Cut left over strings.

6. Using your hands, Ruffle out the end of the bottom portion of the broom that you just frayed.

Place them on your cupcakes! Ready for the Party!  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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