Monday, June 3, 2013

The Cake Stand... A Birthday Party Recap!

I was finally able to finish everything I wanted to do for Madi's Birthday!  The entire Party was themed around CAKE!   I thought it would be fun to do a play on words and build a "Cake Stand". 

 I built an actual Cake Stand ... Lemonade Stand style, along with some Cake stands to place the cakes on too!  Here is how the party turned out.  It was sooo much fun! 

 I'll begin with the Invite.  The invite was one of my most favorite aspects to the party!!!  Each of the party guests were greeted with a fun box that looked like this...

It had a ticket with the party guest's name on it that I made in Silhouette Studio, a label on the outside of the box that I downloaded from an Etsy store:  and typed on the label..." Let's Celebrate and Eat Cake", along with a fun banner/flag at the top that said Your'e Invited that I made in Photoshop and printed on sticky label paper...

When the party guests opened their boxes they were greeted by an invitation that was edible!!! 

I made each of them a fancy mini cake that was topped with an invite containing all the party information on it!

I did a lot of baking.  I made several 4 in. cakes.  Stacked them 2 high and did Rosettes to cover the cakes.

The invites were a HIT with the party guests!

 On with the tour...  Here is a wide shot of the full layout of the Party...

Ok and I've had some fun with some different actions on the photos, so I have edited them with some fun different/retro looks.

We had a Cake Stand complete with Cake Stands and Cakes!  This Stand has a couple fun features to it.  It is a pallet-style design and completely storage friendly and has a Magnetic Chalkboard for the Title.  The lettering here on this stand is just vinyl.  It can be removed and can be lettered with Chalk or you can use magnets with letters, numbers , papers etc...

(A Chalk version)...

I thought it would be fun to have a place for the girls to accessorize or decorate their cupcakes at the party.  So I built a  "Decoration Station" to add all kinds of yummy goodness to the top of their cupcakes...

I wanted it to feel like an old candy store in a way.  We filled the cubbies full of all kinds of candy, fancy marshmallows, paper pinwheels, candy lollies and sprinkles.

The Decoration Station was one of my favorite highlights of the party!

I  made a Pallet style Magnetic Chalkboard that listed Prices.  This lettering can also be removed, its just vinyl and the surface can be written on with chalk or magnets used to hang pictures, letters or numbers!  I even made it so the frame can be removed and changed out with another frame! (I'll do a tutorial in the future)

Chalk version...

I also made my first attempt at making some fancy cakes for the Cake Stand! I watched some You tube videos, baked some 6 in. round cakes, made a lot of frosting and went to work!!

I made a solid pink Rosette cake...

A pink ruffled Cake...

And our  Favorite.  An Ombre Rosette Cake... If you would like to see a tutorial on how to make and decorate this Ombre Rosette cake, you can see that here or by clicking on the photo below.

I also made each of these cake stands.  I ordered two 2 stack ball  and one 3 stack ball candle sticks from CD wood distributing.

I found the Rounds for the tops at bottom base at Michaels.  

I used my Raskog Metal cart from IKEA.  It was sooo handy to have at the party.  We filled it with Lemonade... Bottles complete with labels I made in Silhouette Studio and and printed off on Label paper and placed on them...

We also filled the cart with Sacks full of Sandwiches and Chips!

Another fun thing I made was this Sign Post with Chalkboard Arrows...

I placed them on a post and cemented the post into a can! Put some  Scrapbook paper around the can,  tied some strips of fabric around the post and we had a fun accent off to the side!

The Guest of honor had soo much fun decorating cupcakes...

And serving some cupcakes to a couple little customers...

I stitched some fabric banners with triangles and also half circles...

When the party guests arrived... Each party guest had a small wooden cake stand that I had assembled for them out of a candlestick and round top disc that they got to paint and take home as a party favor...

They did a great job painting...

Next they played try to decorate a cupcake blindfolded...They giggled a lot through this game.

Next they ate their sandwiches and got to frost and decorate a cupcake that they could see and accent it with all kinds of goodies from the  Decoration Station! They loved that!

For their final game, they played Toss the clothespins into the bowls on the cake stands for points.  They loved this also!

This party was a blast!  It was a lot of work, but so fun to do!!

I promise I will do tutorials on how I built all of this in some up and coming posts!  It took me a couple days to recover from this party, but it was worth it! 

 The girls had a great time and Madi has thanked me over and over.  She was involved in the planning, building, decorating,  photo shoot set up, take down of photo shoot and set up again at home for her party!  Whew!!!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. Can I please come to the next party? Seriously, this is fabulous. Amazing attention to detail. What a lucky little girl you have...

  2. Will you be my mom? Ha Ha! I just love this party ... the whole cake theme is right up my alley and I may just have to steal it from ya when Navi gets a little older!

    1. well of course! ha ha! Little Navi absolutely needs a cake stand party!!!

  3. This is awesome! Great job and you totally win "mom of the year" for this!

    1. Well thank you! thanks for visiting! It was a super fun party to do! The girls loved the whole cake theme idea!

  4. Awww thank you! We really had a great time with this party!!! :)

  5. This is one of the best thought out and executed party themes I have ever seen! Take your idea to Beverly Hills and you could make a fortune!

  6. WOW! Michelle! You continue to amaze me!

  7. What an awesome party! I love the retro feel and the gorgeous cakes and cupcake cabinet! Just stunning.

  8. Ohhhh wowww!!! I'm completed blown away by your imagination, Michelle! This is definaly the inspiration I needed for my next party :)

  9. OMG!! Such a superb birthday party. Adorable cake arrangements. Truly in love with your work and that cake stand is an excellent idea to have it in party. I am also planning my daughter’s birthday party at one of venues in Chicago and going to have the cake stand idea for sure there.


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