Monday, June 17, 2013

Stars and Stripes!

  With 4th of July on its way I wanted to share with you some Stars & Stripes!

Materials I used to make this:
1- Square wood plaque measuring 11 1/4 in. by 8 3/4 in. 
     (I purchased mine at Michaels)
1- 1x6  pine board cut to 8 3/8 in. long.  
     (any kind of board or scrap piece of board may also work)
1- 8 1/2 in wood star ( I have seen a star similar to mine at Hobby
     Lobby or Hobby Lobby online or there is an etsy store that also 
     sells wood stars, they are 6 inches, a little bit smaller, but here
     is the link for the etsy store:
1- roll of red washi tape with fine lines. (I purchased mine at 
Red Vinyl
White Vinyl
White Paint
Blue Paint
 (The blocks I have the striped board on are just extra 2x2 pine boards that I used for the photograph, but are cute to add some height)

Here are the pieces of wood I started with: I painted the plaque and pine boards white:

I painted the star blue:

When the white paint was dry, I roughed up the boards a little for an antiqued look:

I next took a roll of washi tape and the board I cut 8 3/8 in. long and cut some pieces of tape long enough that they would lay across the board at an angle with extra to wrap around the edges and sides ending up with the tape ends on the back. You can also glue these ends down on the back if you wish.

Started in the upper right hand corner and laid the tape across at an angle all the way across the board. 

here is all of the tape on the board:

I next typed some wording  in Silhouette Studio. My measurements for the wording is as follows:  

All of this wording was cut in Red Vinyl and using the font called Times:

The word: Stars  5.5 x 2.77in.   
 The star shape in the middle measures 2.7x 2.5 in. 
The rectangle stripes on each side of the star are  .18 x 2.3 in. for both rectangles, 
 The word: Stripes  measures 6.0x 2.215 in.

I placed the red vinyl on the larger wood plaque:

I also designed in Silhouette studio the  number 4 and the word and:

The measurements for these are: All of these were cut in white vinyl:
The number:   4 is 2.8 in wide by 4.75 in tall in the font: Courier

 The small white:  and   that goes in the middle of the red vinyl star measures: 1.175x.765 in. 
   ( I also italicized it and it is in the font: Times)

I cut them in white vinyl. 

I next put the white number 4 on the Big blue Star and the word:  and on the red vinyl star on the wood plaque:

Project complete! Enjoy!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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