Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Recap… Anchor My Soul in Christ

I had the opportunity to be the Girls Camp Director again this year!  I wanted to share with you some of the fun things we did with this theme… Anchor My Soul in Christ.

Even if this theme were not to be used for a Girls Camp,  I think it would be fun to use some of the following ideas for a Nautical Party idea too!

I made this sign from Cedar fence slats and found some thick chip-board anchors at Hobby Lobby.  I painted them Gold and bought some rope to wind through them.  I found the perfect tree to put the sign on!  M-wah!

I really liked this theme!  So many fun things to do with Anchors.  We made some pennant banners out of fabric left over from something we made for each of the girls that I will share with you at the end of this post!  

Our campsite was perfect!  We had some fun little groves of trees that were fantastic to hang our banners on.  This area served as a stage for our skits and in the background we put the cubbies I made to serve as a place for secret sisters so the girls could sneak in and deliver their goodies to each other.  

We made Anchor Bracelets with some charms I ordered.  To see how to make this anchor bracelet, you can see that HERE or click on the photo below…

My Assistant Luetta Cut all of these boards for the girls to make journals.  They are made with thin particle board that the girls spray painted and decorated and filled with paper.

My Husband did an activity with them where they were put into teams and had to carve a Boat out of a bar of Ivory soap.  We judged them and then the girls Raced them down the creek that was  next to our camp.  He tied in a message with the whole boat and Nautical theme!

I made them up treat sacks that coordinated with our theme and put them each night in their boxes…  I found all of my designs from Creative Market.  They were all pre-made.  I just put in the text I wanted to...

We did another craft, Anchor Boards.  Just paint and they picked out their own color of Vinyl.   If you would like to see a tutorial on how to make these you can see that HERE or by clicking on the photo below...

Oh yes and of Course they had a Water day/ Water Fight with the Bishop!  My husband has so much fun with the girls at Camp!  He is such a Kid!

We did a Spiritual Walk with them.  They went to  4 different stations.  At each station they were taught about a certain subject.  At the end of the walk they were given a little bottle (get it? message in a bottle), and some paper.  They wrote down their thoughts about the walk and their testimony and rolled it up and it was theirs to keep! I found this Treasure Map online and just added my own text to it.  

On each stage of the walk they received a charm that represented what they were taught about.  Once they got each of their charms, we later put them on Bracelets for them to wear while we had scones.  Yes, this all took place in a nice little drizzle of rain while my awesome assistant was making us Scones!

Now for one of the exciting things we gave each of the Girls…To Go along with the whole Nautical theme...

We made each of them Backpacks out of cute Fabric we found at Hobby Lobby! 

I took a pattern I have seen on Pinterest, re-designed the pattern to have pockets on the inside as well as the outside too and yes they are lined!!  I also designed the pockets to have various sizes to accommodate different items such as sunglasses, water bottles, journals.  

So Fun to see the girls using these on their hike and walking around camp with these!  We thought they could use these bags once they were home from camp for the rest of their summer and school too!! 

We started sewing a few months before camp and made 22 of these backpacks!!! Whew!

I do not have a tutorial of how I made our bags at this time.  I patterned mine after this Summer Tote  HERE at the Gunny Sack.  The bags I have here are different than hers, I made mine a little bit bigger and re-designed them to have pockets inside and out, which meant cutting my fabric differently at some stages than she did on hers.  
We tied a tag that was laminated to each of the bags, kind of like a luggage tag. Again this template I found at Creative Market and I added the text...

So fun!!! I loved  how these Backpacks turned out!

There is a little re-cap!  So Exciting!  I think it took me a couple weeks to recover from this!  The girls were great!  They were amazing!  Love them!  I could not of made it with out the help of my fantastic assistant Luetta & her family,  all of our awesome Young-Women's Leaders, Priesthood Leaders and everyone else who was involved in making this camp possible!! Hugs! 

With Much Love& Gratitude,

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  1. Would it be too much to ask for a tutorial on the bags? :) They rock! Or maybe a link to the pattern you sort of used?

    1. Hello! At this time I don't have a tutorial on the bags I made. Sorry. I might in the future. I do have a link to a Summer Tote that I patterned mine after. I amended my blog post above to include a link to her tutorial. Please keep in mind though, my bags are a little different. Mine are a little bit bigger and I designed mine to have pockets on the inside as well as the outside. Hers is a more simple bag but she does do a great job of teaching you how to sew her bag. Hope that helps! thanks!

  2. Do you have a link for the treasure map? I love it and would like to do it for our camp. Thanks for the great ideas?

  3. Hi I am the Stake Girls camp director and we are doing a nautical theme for this years girls camp. Love all your ideas :) Can you give me some more info on where you got the charms for the bracelets and you also mentioned getting ideas from Creative Market, is that Can you email me back at
    Thanks so much,

  4. Hi Janae,

    Sorry I don't have a link to the treasure map. I think I just did a search on google and it came up. I think it was like a stock photo or something. I then typed in the certain areas or stations for the girls to go to on the map. sorry I don't have that but what a fun theme. We had a lot of fun with it!!! Good luck!

  5. Can you tell me where you ordered the glass bottles from? THanks!!

  6. Where did you get the bottles? Loving all your ideas! :)

  7. What a beautiful camp! I loved all your ideas!! I'm actually helping get camp ready and was so excited when I saw your charm bracelets!! I'm actually looking for the same things!! IS there any way you could send me information on where you found those and how much they were!? It would be so helpful!!

  8. I love all your ideas. Would you please let me know where you got your charm bracelets! Thanks!

  9. Can you send information as to where you got your bottles and your charm bracelets? I would greatly appreciate it!! Your ideas are fantastic! My email is

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  13. Do you have the 4 stations for the spiritual walk?


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