Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to make an Anchor Charm Bracelet

I wanted to share with you how to make an Anchor Charm Bracelet.

It is actually pretty easy!

Anchor Charm   (figure out what size you want first... I found and ordered mine on  Etsy)
                                          This anchor I purchased is roughly 1 1/2 in. long.  
Suede Cord  (purchased from Michaels)
Jump Rings (split & normal opening)
Lobster Clasp

small pliers (jewelry pliers)

First Cut your cording.   Cut two different cords, each measuring roughly 5-7 inches in length.  Fold each cord in half so it is doubled.  They will remain doubled in half and secured that way.

1. & 2. Take the doubled in half cord on each of the ends of the anchor charm.   Coming up from the bottom of the charm, push the two ends up from the bottom towards the top, leaving a small loop to push the ends through.   Do this for both ends of the charm… the top hole and the bottom of the anchor.  

3. & 4.  Pull both cords tight to tighten the loop and fasten the cord onto the charm.  

Once that is fastened.  You need to place the charm with the cords on the wrist and measure around the wrist to see how long the cords will be.  Trim them to fit the wrist the bracelet is going to be worn on.   (keep in mind that each of the fittings you will attach will add some length to the ends of the bracelet.)

5.  Assemble your Clamps, jump rings and lobster clasps.  You will need them to be assembled like they are in the photo above.  (clamp, jump ring with simple opening and lobster clasp.)  (clamp and split jump ring).  

6. At this point you have your bracelet with the charm in the middle and doubled cords on each end of the charm.  Take the ends of one side of the bracelet say the top end of the anchor.  *Make certain you have both of the cords that are that side of the bracelet. (it will have two cords or laces in it because each end of the bracelet has a doubled cord in it.)    

7. & 8. Lay the doubled cords ontop of each other in the channel of the clamp.  Take some pliers and crimp the clamp closed over the doubled up cords.  Repeat for the other end of the bracelet say the bottom end of the anchor so that each end of the bracelet's doubled cords are securely fastened together with a clamp.  

Place the bracelet on the wrist and latch it closed with the lobster clasp and Bracelet is complete!


 With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. Fun! I saw Ryan wearing his when you guys came up for the BBQ.

  2. Where did you find these anchors, Michelle? I want to make some of these for girls camp, and the anchor is just perfect for what I want. What a cute idea!
    Terilyn Clay, Snellville, Georgia

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