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     What is Chalkboard Blue?
     Well its  a name for our 
         Blog that I came up with 
            that stands for

     ChalkBoard {Blue}prints

A DIY-Project Blog featuring
Items & Projects I've Built, 
Home Improvement, Home Decor, Crafts & Photography 

My projects have been featured in DIY Lifestyle Magazine.  This is my Message Board I built on the Cover you see here below. Whoo hoo!  


Creative Spaces Vol. 3.  

If you would like to see more about this Vol. or where you can purchase or download a copy,  you can see the post about it HERE!

Do I sell Chalkboards?  No, sorry.  I just like them! :)
Do I sell Blueprints?  No, sorry again.  Just liked it as a name to use! :)

(my blueprints are typically sketched out on paper, in a notebook, on a napkin or even a piece of wood as I go)

I feel the two names together: Chalkboard {Blue}prints describe and represent the type of projects, crafts, and fun things I like to create...

So why not combine the two names, shorten it for a little {attitude} and call our blog:
                                        ChalkBoard {Blue}

Our Hope with this Blog is to document our journey of Home Improvement projects we have done in the past and plan to do in the Future and share with you how we turned our Places into Spaces we Love!  Possibly inspire you with some fun Craft ideas, Photography or Home Decor and anything else that may occur along the way!
  Hi my name is Michelle!  I live in Utah.  I have an amazing Husband, Ryan and {5} incredible kids! I have the best of Both Worlds... Teenagers -to- Toddlers. Yes I had two babies later in life!  I had a baby at 38 and again at 40!  They have been the best additions to our family!
Meeting Ivy our 5th Baby!

I love to Build, Design, Create, Decorate & Photograph. I am the daughter of a builder and was a part of building several homes with my dad as I grew up.  I learned the meaning of Hard Work at an early age and feel that is where I gained the knowledge I have needed to do what I do. I also have an amazing mother that I did several fun craft projects with as I grew up and learned so much from!  Some of my Favorite things are First and foremost, my Husband Ryan.  I simply adore him!  He is so good to me and to our Children and continually makes me laugh!

 Next would be our children.  I have always wanted 5 kids and have been blessed to be able to have them.  They are the reason I do the projects I do to make our house a Home.

My other loves would include Designing, dancing, creating, shopping, gardening, laughing, taking in a good Baseball, Basketball or Football game and watching a Nascar race. I grew up Motorcycling, snowmobiling, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. I love to Craft, throw Birthday Parties and Events. I'm continually thinking of a new idea I can create for an upcoming event or Holiday!

 I have also spent a good portion of my life in the Pacific Northwest at a Summer home that has been in my family for generations on Bainbridge Island, Washington. I have a sincere Love for that place that has meant so much to me and have enjoyed sharing it with my own family as they have grown up there too!
The road to Grandma's House on Bainbridge Island
I have a love for Rustic things and also have a more formal side to me too!  My hope is to inspire you and share with you some good things about life through my Blog!

If you would like to contact me my email is:
The old mailboxes on Bainbridge Island

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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