Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicken Run Completed!

          To follow up my earlier post of Chicken Run Challenge....

             I'd Like to Quote my Parker... "Challenge Accepted!"

As you may recall, this is what we started with...
Some posts in the ground & a sketch on paper

We next mixed some quickcrete....

Set the posts... and set some bolts to anchor some boards to...

Our neighbors were tearing down an Arbor and gave us the wood from it to burn in our fire pit.  We started thinking, why not use the wood they gave us instead of buying more.  So I sanded it down, and stained it to re-purpose the wood!

There, good as new!

From this point, I sorted through the wood, found the best ones, cut, chopped, sanded and re-purposed it where I could.  There were some boards I did have to buy, but not many.  We also had some boards left over from when we built our arbor on the back of our home, so I used that also.

I next put on some top frame boards...

 I was up against a deadline, I literally was running from my saw back and forth to the boards,  so I called in Ryan's dad to help me finish from this point.  He's awesome, he saved me so much time.  Thanks Wayne!  
 We Started to frame in  the wire...

Once we were framed in, we started to set the trusses I had made.   A while back, My dad stopped by and gave me such great advice on the trusses.  He helped me find the angle, (ended up being a 22.5), then he showed me how to cut a bird's mouth for the truss to set on the top frame boards.  (Thanks Dad, you are amazing, Love ya!) Next I spent one day, cutting all the trusses, sanding them down and staining them so they were ready to go. I also had to put up a Ledger Board to anchor all the trusses, I literally put this ledger board up in the dark,  at that time I only had my boys available to help me and we put it up around 10:45 p.m. using some lights to see by. (sorry neighbors).  Once the ledger board was ready and my trusses were ready and I had my Father In-Law,  Wayne to help me, we set the trusses!

Once the trusses were on, Wayne and Parker put the plywood on for the roof. Then Ryan and Wayne and Parker put the tar paper and shingles on.  McKay and I finished up the outside trim and I built a door for us to access the chickens and we finally let them into their new run!

Here are some more angles of the finished run! This is the door I built to match the rest of the shed...
 I planted some flowers to brighten up the place...

We have been so pleased with how it turned out! 

 I think the Chickens appreciate it too!

Oh & I mentioned we were up against a deadline.  Well, the deadline was, we had a Wedding Ceremony in our yard.   I wanted the run to be finished and not under construction for their ceremony!
        Don't They make a cute couple?  Congrats Guys! I'll share more photos from their wedding in another post!

Well there you have it, the Chicken Run is done!  Whew!  Feels so good to have it completed!!

If you would like to read more about how we built our shed, you can do so here.  

If you would like to read more about how I put the trim on our shed you can do so here.

Thanks for reading,
With Much Love & Gratitude,


  1. It looks great! So glad there is a little bit of the Quig's in the Flitton's yard & that the arbor lives on- makes me so happy!! I'm sure the "girls" are loving it too.

    1. Well thanks! I'm glad the Arbor does live on! Yes, the girls love it too! Feels so good to have it done!!

  2. Now THAT is a chicken coop!!!! Challenge completed, woot, woot!!!

    1. Soooo true Sis! Thank you for the great shout out!!! :)

  3. I LOVE it! I almost want to climb in with the chickens and enjoy it. The whole project wins best chicken coop ever! Great job sis!

    1. Awww thanks so much sis! I'm so glad we got it finished. There were some points when I really didn't think I would get it done in time!!

  4. You are amazing! The flowers just about put that right over the top...so darn cute!!

    1. Thank you soooo much! It feels so good to have it completed! I'm so glad you like the flowers, I thought they helped out a lot too!!! :)

  5. Who was the wedding couple? How fun to share your yard with them. You need to post Angie's cartoon about your family, she has on facebook onto one of your posts! I laughed so hard when I saw the cartoon. Those carpenter genes live on through the generations, go girl power! Aunt Barb

  6. I love this!!! It's so cute! And fresh eggs??? Yes please! You are so lucky that your neighbors are ok with having the chickens around, blessed lady!

  7. Um, I hope you know that the wood your neighbors gave you was pressure-treated wood. You never want to burn that wood! Toxic smoke!


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