Monday, August 20, 2012

How I did Board & Batten Trim on our Shed

If you were wondering how I did the Board and Batten trim on our shed, well today is your lucky day!

It is unbelievable to me to think that at this time last year, we only had walls up on our shed.  I felt as if it was never going to get done.  We kept plugging away and all but the inside is now complete!

To begin with:
Ryan and the boys did the footings, floor, walls, roof, shingles and outside sheeting.  From that point, Ry said "Ok Shell, it's your turn to make it pretty!"

This is what I had to work with.
(We had a tree blow down right in front of where the shed was, so until we removed it, I had to work around it, That is the massive green clump you see off to the left.)

I first began by working on the outside trim and the doors.  We bought huge sheets of outside trim and I ripped them down on the table saw to the sizes I would need for the various trim on the edges and for the batten and board.

Here is the type of trim we purchased.  This is what I used for the Board and Batten trim.
 I forgot to take a before shot of this angle of this wall before I put the trim on, so I have done some arrows to show you on a wall I already had the trim on.

I took this wall and figured how far I wanted the spaces to be between each piece of trim.  Between each piece, I placed them  12.5 - 13 inches apart.  At some points I had to eyeball it and fudge it just a little bit.

I next cut all the trim in widths that I would need. Each of my Board and Batten trim strips are 1 3/4 inches wide. I first placed my Horizontal trim on up under the eaves and along the seam about a foot down from the roofline.  This would give me my square guides to work with.  

I placed my first piece of trim about an inch in from the edges to give it some contrast.  **Please note** If you are using this tutorial to do a Board and Batten wall in your home on a wall, Typically the first piece of trim is started right at the edge or corner of the wall.  I moved my trim on the shed inside a bit for contrast. I will in the future, do a tutorial on Board and Batten for a wall inside a home too! :)

So now I have placed my first piece of trim.  I just measure over how many inches to where I want my next piece of trim and mark.  Between 12.5 and 13 inches.

Once I have it marked where I wanted the trim, then I measured the length and cut the strip of trim and placed it on with my nail gun. I would also use my square to make certain the trim is placed correctly. :)

Once that next trim is placed, I would measure over  12.5- 13    inches again and mark for my next piece of trim. Cut the length and place it on,  I repeated this until I reached the end.  
Once all the trim was on, I taped it off and primed it...

And painted it...

This is how I did the trim on the front of the shed...

The front of the shed was a little different. Instead of starting at the ends, I had to start in the middle of the shed at the point to keep the trim even or balanced.
This is how it looked when I started...

Here is the starting point...
I took a piece of trim, found the center of it 

tipped the edges at 22.5 on the miter saw

Placed and nailed the trim...

I next figured out how far apart to space the trim. 
Since I was working with a roof line, I had to angle cut the top of the trim, once it was fit, I cut the length.

 I measured over and marked...

Once I had it marked, I nailed on the trim.  I repeated this over and over until I reached the ends on both sides.

I then taped it off, applied primer and painted.

I did the same thing for the side with all the doors.  I placed the horizontal trims at the top and seams.  I then placed it in between the doors...

I made a circular cut with the jigsaw to fit the trim around the porch light too!

Finally after many, many, many trips to the miter saw.  All of the Board and Batten trim was placed and painted to complete the outside of the shed!  Whew!  That was a project!  We have been so pleased with how it turned out.

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Thanks for reading,
I have such fabulous readers!  Thanks again!

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  1. LOVE the shed! You do such an amazing job on everything! Way to go!

  2. I'm still amazed at this thing. I love everything about it.

  3. How much did the shed materials cost you?

    1. Hi! We never really kept a total of the costs. We purchased 2x4's for the framing and the roof trusses. Some plywood for the floor. A friend of ours actually found the outside sheeting for us for a really good price. The sheets of trim I used for the Board and Batten was around $26.00 a sheet and I think we may have purchased at least 5 or 6 of those. Tar paper and shingles for the roof. 3 bundles of shingles at $20.00 a bundle and $20.00 for tar paper roll. I used maybe 2 gallons of primer and paint at least $30.00 a gallon. All and all and this is a very rough estimate, maybe $1,600 in materials to build it and our we built it ourselves so the labor was free. I hope this answers your question ok. :)

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