Friday, August 3, 2012

Wonderful Wild- Flowers!

 Hi!  I'm back with a favorite Photo find!

I wanted to share these photos with you to demonstrate how you can use all natural backdrops to make your photos pop!

A couple years ago I needed to do a photo shoot of Madi.  I am always on the lookout for a fun place to shoot.  I happened to notice a patch of wild flowers and thought how fun that would be to take some shots there.

She is wearing some like colors with the background and also a couple that contrast like the pink in it, to really make it stand out.  I had her go play in the flowers too.  

I shot these pics on an overcast day and I had my aperture set pretty low to blur out the background and make her and the flowers stand out.  

I think this action shot is just cute.  She's running, and her little pink flip-flop helps to make the photo pop with a little contrast.

We brought Aves along  for the shoot.  How cute is that little wave??

So when you are out and about, be on the lookout for some bright and fun places to take some shots! :)

Oh and I've started another little project, this one involves the sewing machine, but it's not what you think.  I'll be back to share some more about it.  Have a fabulous day!

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With Much Love & Gratitude,

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