Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage Pottery Barn Lockers

Remember I was working on a project?  Well here it is....

Eeeeek!    I'm so excited with how they turned out and the kids are pumped too!!!

I've been needing to re-work the garage.  Since I built our last set of lockers, we have added two more children to our family and needed more locker space.  While Ryan and the boys were gone for 3 days, I kicked into project mode and  I built these!  Whoo-hoo!  They feel so good to have completed!

I built one for each of the kids to keep their stuff in and of course, I had to number them.  

I was inspired by these Pottery Barn Lockers.  Mine aren't as big due to the area I had to work with, but I really loved the old look of these and did my best to re-produce them for our garage.

Here are ours with the doors open to see how I placed the hooks.  I did some taller and some smaller due to the different sizes of clothing that will be hung up on them.
I built and painted mine as I went because our lockers were more narrow and once they were finished, I wouldn't be able to fit the drill in them to place the hooks.  I had to build, fill nail holes, sand, primer, paint then place the hooks one locker at a time.  In another post, I'll show the process of how I built them!

A view with some items in them...

and a little person's belongings...

They really weren't too bad to build.  Just took some figuring out of the area and space.
Now I need to get busy and move all their stuff in!!!

I'll do another post to show the process soon, I was so excited to share with you how they turned out I had to show you all these sneak peeks of the finished product!  

Thanks for reading!

With much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. Lesa sent me over to your blog. I'm excited to follow along--such great creative energy here. :)

    1. Thank you so much Julie! So glad you stopped by and signed up as a follower!! thanks for your sweet comments! :)

  2. They turned out GREAT!! I love the numbers on each locker. I'm sure the kids will love hanging their stuff in their own locker. Good job on another well done project!!

    1. Thanks! We LOVE the lockers and the numbers just push it over the top!!! :)

  3. Oh mama!!!!! I LOooooooooVE these!!!! Way , way, way cute!!!! :)

    1. Thanks thanks thanks! WE LOVE them TOOOO! Yippie they are done!!!

  4. I love the way you numbered the lockers...turned out great!

  5. did you free hand the numbers on the lockers? I am wanting to put numbers on our lockers and I am not successful at finding stencils with with font.

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