Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polk-A-Dots & Pachyderms! Act TOO...

I left off on my earlier post of Ava's party when the guests arrived...
  I made some flags that lined the driveway, a fun banner that I strung from the tree to a post I put in the planter box with a flag saying... this way. 

I also made several polk-a-dot flags and placed them in various places around our rock wall...

Once the guests arrived,  they were greeted by some fun banners I made and staked in the back yard along with.....   ( Here's where the power tools came in to play...)

Three Big Elephants or Pachyderms! They ended up being a fun backdrop for the party! They were used for the party games and also spelled out her name!  I was SO Excited with how these turned out!

They really weren't too bad to make.  I took a tiny cutout of an elephant from her cupcake toppers as my guide and I sketched it onto some scrap boards I had left over from other projects.  Sketched and re-sketched some lines.  Got a scrolling blade for the jigsaw, held my breath that it would work, and started cutting!  Once I got my first one cut out, then I traced it on some more scrap boards that I got from our neighbor that does construction, and cut out the rest.  I also made some saddles for the elephants and I stenciled her name on them, I bought several multi-colored balloons and tied them to the trunk of the lead elephant! Linked up the elephants to several banners that I made and tied up to some 36-in stakes that I bought and had the girls help me paint white.

I have to tell you something cute.  When I was cutting these elephants and painting them, Ava kept saying, "I am going to LOVE these for my Birthday mom!"  Awww, melt my heart!!!

Once the party guests had all arrived and were settled, Ava gave each of her guests a cute purple tutu skirt for them to wear at the party and also take home as a gift from her.  They all looked sooo cute in them!

I designed some personalized tickets that matched the one they received in their invite to the party.  I made them in Sihouette Studio and cut them on my Cameo for each of the girls to have for each of the games we played.

We first played  Pachyderm Pond or otherwise known as a Fish pond. We had a polka-dot bandanna that we used as a screen.  I made up some party sacks with treasures in them that had a personalized label for each girl so there would be no confusion.

I also made them personalized sacks so they could put any other treasures or prizes they received at the party in them

After Pachyderm Pond, the party guests played, ring toss onto the trunk of the pachyderms I cut out.  We made some rings out of some licorice and duct tape!  They worked perfect!

I love this action shot!!!!

After the ring toss, the party guests played Pin the Polk-A-Dot on the Pachyderm!

At this point the guests were thirsty and ready for treats.  So we went over to the party table for some polk-a-dot pizza (pepperoni)  and lots of goodies that I talked about in my earlier post. If you would like to see more of this dessert table you can see it  Here! (or you can click on this picture below)

After the guests had several goodies and drinks, they opened presents and had some ice cream and it was time to play for a bit...

After Ava said goodbye to her guests, she enjoyed the gifts she had received.  This truly was a fun party to do for Ava.  She had such a great time and I really had fun putting it together for her!

I LOVE how this shot turned out of her with her Pachyderms!

This whole party was just Ava, Pink, Polk-a-dots and of course pachyderms!  

Thanks for reading and Letting me share...  I also have to thank my Madi.  She helped me sooo much with putting this party together and being a fabulous party host.  Ryan was also a huge help too.  He helped me get the yard ready, put the stakes on the back of the pachyderms and helped us play games and with the food and clean-up,  awww, good daddy! And I can't leave out my sweet sis-in-law Andrea who stayed and filled in and helped me wherever needed! I do have to laugh because once the party was over Andrea said, "If I had a dollar for everytime I heard the word Pachyderm today!..."

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. What a cute idea!!! Love those big pachyderms, and everything!!! :) :) :)


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