Thursday, July 26, 2012

Idea for a Baby Announcement...

 I wanted to share with you a fun way to announce if  you are expecting a baby.  With each of our Children, when we found out we had a new little arrival coming in 9 months, we of course wanted to share the news!  I always tried to do something a little clever to announce.  With our last baby, we used some  colorful chocolate candies to help us out...

It really was pretty simple to do.  I took some candies.  I used one to represent the color of each of my kids.  Spread them out on some white paper.  Lined them up and took a picture of them. I also put a little more space between the new baby's color and the rest of the kids' colors, for a little more focus and emphasis on the news of the new arrival...

  I next took it into photoshop and typed my kid's birth dates on them with each of their names below. Layered it on a brown color for the background.  For the new little arrival coming, I used a yellow candy since we didn't know if it was a boy or girl yet. I typed on the due date and just left a question mark below for the name.  When we were ready to announce I just sent it in a large email for everyone to get at once. Everyone was thrilled when they received the news and ok, a little shocked too! Hee Hee!  This could also be done by printing it off and mailing them as cards too!

That's it pretty simple. 

I'll share in some future posts the birth announcement I did for this little one once she arrived!  It was a blast to create and put together!

P.S.  I'm starting up another project. I've been wanting to get out the saw and re-work some things around here! :)
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With Much Love & Gratitude,


  1. You amaze me every time I come to your blog. Do you ever sleep? You must dream up projects during the day and while you are sleeping. I love how creative you are!!

  2. oh Letter e you are too too kind! Yes I really do sleep! When I'm awake, I have a mind that never stops. :) I wish I could keep up with my mind and crank out all the projects my mind thinks up! But its ok, I get to things eventually. :) You are too sweet with your comments!! Thanks again!!

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