Friday, July 6, 2012

Wedding Ceremony Recap

 Hi!  Remember a few weeks back we had a Wedding Ceremony in our yard, and I promised pictures from it??  

Some friends of ours asked us if they could use our yard for their wedding ceremony.  We were thrilled to be asked.  This meant making sure the backyard looked in its best condition and my thoughts were also directed to the chicken run, (I think my thoughts were more like, YIKES, the Chicken run needs to be completed!)  But we were able to get it finished and get the yard whipped into shape and here are some shots to recap...

The Bride was escorted by her father up the stairs to a back corner of our yard where her Fiance was waiting for her...

It was a nice intimate gathering of family and friends.  Our backyard has a pretty cool hedge that served as a great backdrop for the ceremony. They are such a cute couple and there is my  husband Ryan performing the ceremony for them and giving them some advice for their new life together...

they were pronounced husband and wife and the family gathered to give congratulations and take photos.  Their reception was held a different night at a different location.

They have a cute Love story.  The Bride moved in a few years ago and fell in love with the boy across the street.  It was fun to share this with both families as we are good friends with each of them.

I have had some readers ask me to share photos and talk about our backyard.  I thought that was nice of them to request, so I thought I would give you a small tour.  I think if there is one place besides our family room that our family likes to hang out, it would be our backyard.  We LOVE our backyard.  Is it the most beautiful and grand place? no, but its a fun place for us.  We have spent many a years back here and hosted many, many BBQ's and parties.  Through the years, we have added things like our outside buffet, our arbor, kids picnic table, the shed/chicken coop, the firepit etc.  You know, having a yard is like an ever changing experiment. But we have a lot of fun back here and have a lot of great memories. 

When we built our home, our backyard had a small mound of dirt, we first thought we would just put grass there and make it a hill, but then we decided to put in a rock wall and we have just loved it!  We put some steps in the middle of the wall to gain access to to the upper portion of the yard.

 One of my most favorite features is this... A slide!  When we first were putting in the yard and it was just a big hill of dirt here our little neighbor boy would come over to visit and would always slide down it, that gave me the idea to put in a slide.  So we did! I can't even count how many persons big and small have played on this slide through the years.  Thanks Ben P. for giving me the inspiration to put in a slide here! 

When I think back, I cannot even count the hours we have spent taking care of this rock wall.  We have planted, transplanted, weeded, trimmed, dug out revamped this wall and we have always loved it.  I love to show people my favorite flowers that bloom throughout the season.  I think I have a lot of favorite perennials that are so fun to watch bloom and grow.  When I took these shots, our Stella Day Oro Day lillies had not bloomed, but now they are in full bloom so I thought I would share them with you! 

As I mentioned before, we have slowly added items to make it more enjoyable back here.  I built the kids picnic table, then I really wanted an old looking outdoor buffet cabinet to serve food on when we have parties, etc. so I built that when I was pregnant with Ava. (I promise I will do some posts on how I built these, I have just been swamped lately!)

We added our arbor a couple years ago, and have been thrilled with it...

Ryan re-built our fire pit this year and of course our latest addition to the yard has been our Shed/Chicken coop! 

I still have ideas I want to do to improve the yard and add to it, its always a work in progress. When I think back to all the memories we have made in our back yard, it just makes me smile.  I can't even begin to count  how many ball games we have had, tea parties, baseball pitching sessions, football games, BBQ's, birthday parties, songs that have been sung around the fire and smores that have been eaten. Thanks for letting me share...

Have a fantastic weekend! I'm going to be working on Ava's birthday party for next week. (of course, I'll post pics about the fun! yippie!) :)

Thanks so much for reading and being apart of my blog!
With much Love & Gratitude,


  1. I just found you blog today. What a beautiful thing to do, hosting a wedding and the start of two peoples new life. Your yard is so beautiful. Could you please tell me how you did the slide? I have two grand babies and the perfect hill. Thanks for any help.

  2. Well thank you! The slide project was pretty easy. I bought the slide from Lowe's. We bought a weather treated 4x6 or you could use a 6x6 board and cut it in two different lengths. The lengths cut were slightly larger than the width of the slide at the top and the bottom. We placed the slide where we wanted it and dug down into the ground at the top and the bottom to bury the weather treated boards to where they were even and level with the ground and the slide and only the top portion of the board would show. We then placed the slide on top of the boards and just pre-drilled some holes through the holes on the slide. Then we screwed in some long grabber screws to anchor the slide at the top and the bottom and the job was complete! We did build some tiny little steps off to the side. You don't really have to build the steps, through the years, kids have used both, the steps and the grass to climb up the hill. But we have loved loved the slide!! such fun!!!!!


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