Monday, March 25, 2013

Bright and Colorful Toppers!!

I wanted to share with you some fun cupcake toppers I made a couple years ago.  I made these for Madi's Baptism, and ok well, my Birthday too! She was Baptized on my 40th Birthday!  Yep I was very pregnant with Ivy at the time!  It was super fun to share this day with Madi!!  

These toppers can be used for other things too, Birthdays, Backyard parties, Holidays etc.

  This was back before my Silhouette days, so yes I did them by hand.  I would have to do them in different time increments, due to my feet swelling up and couldn't stand for very long (pregnancy).  

I took some pictures of her that I also used for her Invite.  Resized them and other digital scrapbook elements to 1 inch circles, placed them all on the same sheets and had them printed.  

Once they were printed I bought a cute circle punch and punched out all of the circles.  I randomly used other scrapbook elements to decorate each flag.  I printed off some sayings like, Enjoy, Her name, Birthday, Baptism, Happiness etc.  I cut the words out, and also cut out some fun accent ribbons.  I cut the triangles out and them just assembled them. 

 I also bought a butterfly punch which I highly recommend!  It was sooo fun to accent with!  I loved bending the wings a little to give it some flair! I also loved the butterfly punch out of old book paper!  It just gives such a fun accent!

I frosted the cupcakes and accented them with various bright sprinkles!

I didn't do an elaborate dessert table display for her event, I just used the cupcake toppers as the main display with other various cakes and cookies! It still was bright, cheery and added a lot!

These toppers have been some of my most favorite to make ever!! I loved the colors and  flair they added to her special event!! One thing that was fun that her guests did was, they kept the toppers with Madi's pictures and took them home as a memoir of her. (I thought that was so sweet of them!)

I did some of these same type of toppers for a Mother Daughter party too that was fun and I'll share that with you too along with the fun invites for it!!

Have a fabulous day!
With much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. I hope this girl kicks my ass with her foot


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