Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Envelope Pillow... Chevron style

 I wanted to share with you how I made this Chevron Pillow cover.  It really was pretty easy to do!  Here is a shot of the front of the pillow...

Here is a shot of the back of the pillow... The envelope portion...

The back will form an opening for a pillow insert...

20 x 20 Pillow insert (this is the size pillow insert I bought)
3/4 yard of fabric
Sewing Machine

This is the formula for figuring your cuts.  

For the Front Cover:
Take the measurement of the pillow and add 1 inch to the length and the width.

My Cut measurement for the front cover was:
Since my pillow is a 20x20, I added the inch and cut it 21 inches by 21 inches.

For the Back of the pillow:
Take the measurement of the pillow and add 1 inch to the width AND add 5 inches to the extra one inch of the width for the length. (So you technically add 6 inches to the length because you figure in the extra inch.)

Since my pillow is a 20x20, I added the one inch to make it 21 inches wide and I added the 5 inches plus 1 more inch to make it 26 inches long.

My cut measurement for the back piece was: 
21 inches wide x 26 inches long. 

Front cover cut: 21 inches by 21 inches:  Set Aside.

Back Cover Cut: 21 inches wide by 26 inches long

Next for the back cover: Take your piece you just cut and Cut the LENGTH exactly in half so you will have two pieces 13 inches long and still 21 inches wide.

Next you are going to make a double roll hem for each of the long pieces across the width of the fabric in the middle section only.  

It will become this part of the back of the pillow where the insert goes when you are finished with the pillow. Here is a finished shot of the back to give you an idea of what you are making the hems for...

Do not hem the sides or the top edge or bottom edge of the outside of the pillow.  Only the edges that meet where you just cut them in half will have the double roll hem. I did each hem at 1/4 inch each for at total of 1/2 inch once the hem is rolled twice.

Now it is time to sew the front to the back.

Take your front piece you cut 21 inches by 21 inches and lay it right side of fabric facing up:

Take one of your back pieces and lay it on top of the front piece with right sides of fabric touching.  Match up the edges that are not hemmed.  The Hemmed portion will lay across the middle...

Next take your other back piece and overlay it on top of the front piece and it will overlay on top of the other back piece. 

When it is finished, the two hemmed pieces overlay such as they do in this photo of the finished pillow... Only one hem will show...

 This is what forms your opening for your envelope.  This opening is where the pillow insert goes through and is never stitched closed.  Only the pillow edges will be stitched closed.

Next you will pin your edges of this square and stitch 1/2 inch seam allowance around the entire outside edge of the pillow. 

Once you have sewn around the outside of the pillow edges, turn it inside out...

Place your pillow insert inside your envelope... Finished!

I Displayed this pillow with my Wooden Heart Valentine I made for our Mantel...  If you would like to see how I made the wooden heart, you can see that here or by clicking on the photo below.

If you would like to see another sewing tutorial on how to make Ruffled tote bags, you can see that here or by clicking on the photo below:

I will also do a post about how I made this ruffle pillow!  If you would like to see more pictures of these pillows, you can see them here or click on the photo below:

If you would like to see a tutorial on this ruffled pillow, you can see that here or click on the photo below:

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. Where did you find that awesome fabric?

    1. I love the Chevron fabric too! I bought mine at Hobby Lobby! I also used a 40% off coupon for it to make it even cheaper!

  2. So creative! I love the chevron printed pillow and the ruffled pillow, too. My grandmother always said, "The sign of a great seamstress is when the back looks as good as the front." In your case, very true! So glad I found your blog. -- Jan

    1. Awww that is so nice of you thank you!! These pillows were my first attempt and I really enjoyed making them. They were fun to do!! thanks again!

  3. Ok, that does look easy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes I think you will become addicted to making pillows now! :)


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