Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Centerpiece

Are you hosting a Holiday Party, Get-together or Soiree?  Need an idea for a Centerpiece?  I have used these for different Holiday Parties through the years and I love them.  They are simple, inexpensive, offer a home-style feel and help contribute to the Christmas Spirit.

It is made with some Logs I found in the Mountains, cut, bundled and tied with some ribbon. Placed on top of some pine boughs and topped off with a Christmas Tag. I have put them on some benches like this one in the past or just by themselves.  I made these Christmas tags simply by taking pictures of things that remind me of the Holidays.  I sized the photos to the size I needed them, then made up some different Christmas tags...

This one is of some berries, a candle and an old window. Other items I took pictures of are just Christmas Tree Ornaments, Nativity Scenes, Music Scores of Christmas Songs etc.

This one is simply the Christmas Lights at our City Park...

Depending on how big of an area you have to decorate for will depend on how many logs you will need and how many tags you will need to make.  I have done some for 15 or so tables in the past. You could also double up the tags and put two on one centerpiece.  

They really are nice to look at and easy to make!

Happy Holiday Gatherings to you all!
With Much Love and Gratitude,

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  1. I remember when you took those photos years ago. Fun to see them show up again. Happy Holidays chalkboard blue!

  2. Thanks! I always love to look at them! They give me so much Christmas cheer!!!


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