Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Puppies!

 Ok so we got them a few weeks before Christmas, but I promised I would share some shots of our new puppies with you! They are English Mastiffs.  Yep, they are gonna get HUGE!

The one on the left is Rose or Gabby-Rose our Girl.  The one on the right is Clixx our boy.

We got them right before Thanksgiving. Did we ever plan to get two puppies at one time?  No.  It just happened.  We fell in love with both of them and could not decide between the two so we bought both.  I know, we are absolutely insane!  But we have loved having them!

Here is some shots of them when we first got them.
This is Rose, Gabby-Rose or Rosie Baby...

This is Clixx when we first got him.  He was younger and smaller, but he has started to catch up to Rose... when he stands and walks right now, his front legs look kinda like a Bull Dog!

Fast-forward...  Here they are just a couple weeks ago. This is Clixx.  He is a good Boy.  He has found refuge under the Laundry room Shelf.  We call it his Man Cave.

Here is Gabby-Rose... She is so funny.  Shy, but full of life!  She loves to be apart of everything and half the time drives Clixx bonkers.  We think that is why he runs to his man cave for some peace and quiet!  ha-ha!

The two together.... Rose loves, loves the snow!  Clixx, not so much, he prefers the Fireplace! (Don't they look scared to death in this shot)  We were making them "Stay" for the photo!)

  We tragically lost our huge Newfoundland dog named Oscar. He was only a year old.  He had a Heart Attack and died suddenly. About a week and a half later, we had to say good bye to our little Yorkie named Addy.  It was just his time.  He was going downhill fast.  We had addy for almost 13 years.  He went through so much with us.  They were so fun to have in our lives, and we will always remember them! Here is a picture I have of Oscar and Addy together. You can sort of see them.  Oscar is the big black one and addy is the tiny one.  They were watching me build our Lockers in the Garage.

We have A LOT of training a head of us with these two puppies.  Oh man!  But we have enjoyed them so far and I'll keep you updated on their progress as they grow and oh mamma are they gonna grow!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite shots of Rose...  She reminds us our daughter Ava.  They have very similar personalities.  

Have a fabulous Friday!!
With much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. BiG puppies with cute faces. Love seeing Addy- miss that little guy. Glad we have some pics of him in our photo books too.

  2. So cute! Sophie loved the pictures too! My sister hasthe same kind of dog. He is so sweet and my kids have never been scared of him. He does slobber alot. My sisters steam mop is her favorite thing! :) sorry to hear about your other aweet dogs passing. That is never easy.

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