Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quick & Inexpensive Baby Gift Wrap Idea...

So my sister is having a Baby Boy!  Her first boy after 2 girls!  I had a present to give to her for the new babe.  I had just a second the other day and thought wouldn't it be fun to put a twist on the look of the gift?  So I came up with a couple ideas!  First of all I love cute and different ways to do pennant flag banners and I thought why not use some simple Kraft style wrapping paper, then cut up some boy colored fabric including DENIM!  Denim just Screams BOY to me! Use some ric rac and make a fun banner?  So I did! I also had some burlap and threw that in there too! Wohoo! I cut the triangles, used some hot glue to tack down the fabric, then hot glued the ric rac across the top!  Easy and Fun!
I then thought... What would be a cute way to do the gift tag?  Again... DENIM!  I had an old pair of baby jeans and just cut the pocket off of them and hot glued it to the package!  I made a quick tag out of Kraft paper, stapled some ric rac on it and there was an instant pocket to stick the tag in!  

Just another fun way to give a gift!

Enjoy your Day!
With much Love and Gratitude!


  1. Its glad to here a baby boy after 2 girl.. Now Its looks a complete family (in opinion)...

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