Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simple & Fun Birthday...

With spring and summer coming...  Birthday season is in full bloom around our home.   Last August our little Ivy turned One! I did not have a blog at the time to share  her little party, but I did take some shots so I could share them with you now. We wanted to celebrate with her and have just a simple little get together with Family.  I thought it would be fun to have some cupcakes and candy for the family to enjoy.  I first started with the invites.
These were fun to do because they are not your typical invite...  I first did a photo shoot with Ives.  I love the photo I caught of her because she happened to move her finger just so to show the #1. Cute!  I also have a clipboard sprayed with Chalkboard paint that I wrote out {one}... Put her  in front of the old cabinet and got this shot of her.

I next did up the invite info on a fun digital shape and had a cute ticket from House of 3 Designs that I added a ( No.1 Ivy ) and printed them off.  I had her photos printed off also.
I also made up these flags...  If you look closely the background paper is not just book paper.  I actually typed up some fun things about Ivy and the day she was born and printed it off.  I then printed off a cute shape that I typed  you're invited on and put that on top of the paper. These served as the flags that went in the sacks for the invite...
So these were actually the invite, I know they look like party favors, but they are the invite.  I like to do the invites in more of a 3-D format if I can...  Inside the sacks I made up a yummy carmel treat and wrapped it in wax paper and then wrapped it in some colorful tissue and placed it in the sack. I took the flag which is glued to a kabob skewer and put it in the front of the sack,  & tied a bow with some colorful ribbon.  I next Stapled the party info shape onto the photo of Ivy along with the little ticket and paper clipped it to the front of the sacks.
 I also took some other fun shots of Ivy and made up some little "old time" looking tickets etc. with some little facts about her.  I re-sized her photos and tickets so they could be made into cupcake toppers.  I got some scraps of ribbon, cut out her photos and tickets that I had printed off and made her some fun cupcake toppers.
I made some fun cupcakes with colorful sprinkles and here is how they turned out!

To display her cupcakes for her party I thought it would be fun to find some "old things" I had to put her cupcakes and goodies on...

I made her a fun little cake and love how the flag banner turned out on it.  It is made out of felt and I had some cute blue sequins, so I glued them to some skewers to decorate her cake. Made her a little tissue paper fan found some cute paper flowers and decorated the cake!
One of my most favorite parts of the party display was the candy center.  To give a little History about it, My Grandpa Barlow passed away a few years ago. He was a wonderful wonderful man!  My mom and her sisters invited us to find some items we might want from Grandpa's house.  I went out in his shop and found the COOLEST thing EVER!  He had this old file drawer system that my mom said was a part of a desk at one time.  In his shop he used it to house bolts, screws, nails, etc.  I knew I had to have it.  I actually use it in my Laundry room now for decoration and for little odds and ends.  Anyways, I used it for a little old time candy store!  I printed off some labels so they looked like an old typewriter was used to type them and put them in the front of the drawers with the candy.  I think it turned out kinda cute!  On top I also put some more cupcakes!
 Here are some shots of the different candies close up!  Eeeeek!  I know soooo cute!!!!
This is how the Birthday table looked all together...
And of course, our guest of honor enjoying her Birthday Cupcake!
It was such a fun evening to enjoy with our little Ivy that we just adore!

In some up coming posts, I'll share with you a fun party I did for our Madalyn!  So fun!!

With much Love and Gratitude,


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