Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ava's Pictures Tutorial

I shot these photos of Aves because I made this skirt for her, If you want to see that tutorial, its in one of my earlier posts, titled... A-Line Skirt Tutorial.

As I stated before... I love photography.  Am I a pro?  No!  Do I have a lot to learn... Yes!  But I do enjoy it as a hobby.  I shoot Nikon!  I have a Nikon D200.  It's my baby. I use a 50mm Nikkor lens that has a very low aperture of 1.4.  I love the camera because it has the control dials on the outside of the camera, giving you ultimate control of your shot.  You can spin the dials fast to adjust to your photos surroundings.  You can adjust the shutter speed and the the Aperture, ISO and the White Balance all within seconds.  If you have little ones you are shooting, that makes a ton of difference because those little ones move Fast!!

The circumstances I shot these of Ava were actually PERFECT!  It was a partly cloudy day and I shot them at around 3:00 p.m.  There was a fresh coat of snow on the ground and it was beautiful.  I shoot at these awesome sheds close to my home and they were a perfect backdrop for this shot.  I made sure the sun was not in her eyes, just enough to light up the side of her face and not shadow her. Set my aperture pretty low, like 1.6 just enough to blur out the background and help the reflection of the snow to light up her face.    I think my shutter speed was high enough to adjust to the light probably around 2500 and my ISO was not too high due to the brightness of the snow.  Probably around 250- 350.

These next 2 shots I LOVE because they are just so simple and captured... They were shot about the same settings as the above picture.

 I think this one is my FAVORITE because there is just enough sunlight on her and a great sunburst in the upper right hand corner of the  shot to make it POP!   LOVE  LOVE it!  I love the smile on her face and how she just looks content!

I thought this one was cute just because she's walking down the road and looking at her footprints in the snow...

And this one is just sweet, I told her to kinda tilt her head and push her hip to the side and I love the way she's so focused on doing that and looks like a little model.  :)

  I have some other fun shots I will share with you too!  Stay tuned!  One of which is when we had Aves, oh my!  One of my most favorite shots ever!!

Have a great Day!
With much love and gratitude,


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