Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Chicks... & the Project we made for them!

Easter and Springtime mean...
Last year my Husband felt it was very important for us to get some baby chicks to raise into chickens so that we can have eggs.  He wanted to get them so it can be another responsibility for our kids to take care of and have some chores.  Work is good for the kids and I agree!  So we started out on this journey with these Chicks.  We ordered these Buff Orpingtons and they came in the mail!  It was so funny to hear them chirping in the box!  
We put them in a bigger box/crate we put together and got them food and water and kept them warm under heat lamps. It was so funny to see them huddled up!  What a huge hit they were with the neighbor kids too!  
I know so cute!  We would crack up at how they would sleep.  Some would sleep all sprawled out on their tummies with their head flat too! Some slept on the feeder too. So funny!
Well next came the big question... What do we do for a coop?  We also were thinking of building a shed for the yard, so we decided to do a shed/coop combo!  So or little journey with the baby chicks and building them a home began!  It took us most of the summer but we ended up with a fun little habitat for them.  We still need to work on the inside of the shed a bit and build them their outside run, but this is the stage we have the shed/ coop/barn too.  I will do another post on the shed/coop soon to show more of how we built it and what all went into it!  It was an undertaking!  
I took some inspiration for our chicken coop from Heather Bullard's chicken coop that was featured in Country Living and built these doors for our new feathered friends...
I promise, I will do another post on how we built this and what fun we had doing it! I will also do another post on the cute cute photos I took of the chicks with my kids!  Oh sooooo fun!
Here's a cute pic of the chicks with Madi...

With much Love & Gratitude,

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