Friday, September 27, 2013

Pallet- Style Halloween Signs

I walked past our wood bin a month ago and couldn't pass up these little gems! Some Chunks of an old weathered pallet!

 I decided to incorporate them into some Halloween Decor!!!

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I love the 3-Dimensional look they add to the boards...
I made a Happy Halloween...

and a 31...

The great thing about pallets,  they are pretty easy to find.  I like to look for ones that are a little more weathered and beat up.  You could also add some stain to pallet boards to darken them too if you like. 

We had an old pallet in the wood pile that Ryan cut up.  I pulled out the boards out of the pile and  took a hammer and beat the small boards until they came off the ends of the pallet boards. I love the look and character that the pallet nail holes give the look of the sign!

I cut an 8 in wide pine board from Lowes at 18 3/4 in. long for the "Halloween" sign.  I cut another 8 in. wide board 9 3/4 in. long for the "31" board.  I painted them white.  When they were dry, I sanded them lightly and ran some stain over them to give them character.  

I  cut the pallet wood chunks to various sizes.  I cut some stencils with my Silhouette Cameo on contact paper at 2 in. high for the "Happy" and "Halloween" at 11 in. long in English font.

Used Liquid Nails to glue the pallet boards to the pine board and project complete!!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. MIchelle, I just stumbled on your sight today while looking for Halloween sign inspiration. I'm breaking apart a pallet and am going to try my hand at one of these cute signs. I don't have a Silhouette, so I will have to do it old school. I love the spooky sign you posted too. Very cute ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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