Friday, September 20, 2013

Kids Bath Beadboard & Hooks...

A simple Beadboard added to a wall, with a shelf and hooks, can really change the whole look and use of a Kid's bathroom!  

When we first built our home, we had the typical "towel bar".  Ugghhhh!  It was not functional to me at all!  So we decided to rip off the towel bar and add some bead board...  

I measured how tall and wide I wanted the beadboard.  Roughly 50 inches from the floor,  you can make yours however tall you want it.  Just make sure your towels are not taller or longer than it.  I cut the beadboard, and glued and nailed it to the wall.   

Next I built a shelf.  *Note!  Add your hooks After you paint the wall and shelf!!!!!!! (I do not have a picture of the shelf unpainted with out the hooks sorry)

 For a tutorial on how to build this shelf you can see that here on the tutorial of how I built a Board and Batton wall... or click on this photo below...

Once the shelf was built, I filled in the nail holes, sanded and painted everything, then I spaced out where I wanted the hooks to go and added them!  Now we have a much more functional towel area!  I have loved these hooks and they have helped to keep the chaos down in the kid's bath!!

Pretty simple weekend project that can make a huge difference!

I have had readers ask where I purchased my shower curtain.  I found it at Target.  Enjoy!

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  1. Where did you get the actual hooks?

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