Monday, November 5, 2012

Idea Notebook

 Do you have an Idea Notebook?
I Decided one day that I needed an idea notebook.  The problem is, I didn't know where to find one...    so I made up my own.  

I have a mind that never stops.  It is continually running.  I had so many things going on inside my mind, that I thought it would be fun to "organize" my thoughts.  So I bought a notebook at an office supply store.  I next got me some tabs from those awesome "Smash Journals" supplies, along with some fun paper clips and pockets.  

I painted the outside of my Idea notebook with some Chalkboard Paint.  This way I can list out some things I want to remind myself about.  I made me my own label and put it on the top.

I glued me some inside pockets on the inside front and back covers from Smash Journal that I keep misc. Inspirational items in that inspire me to create!

I put anything and everything in my idea notebook.  This way when I am headed into a project, I have a place of reference and a way to refresh my mind on what ideas I had going for this project.  Do I use all the ideas I jot down? No, but they help me brainstorm for upcoming projects, parties, etc. I sketch out everything, blueprints, designs, cupcake toppers, backdrops, you name it. I'll sketch it out! I put checkoff lists to remind myself what else I need to do for that project/party.

I have tabs for each section to keep them organized.  I just stick them on.  Here is what I have for Ava's party I did this last Summer.  I also like to put pictures or left over remnants from that particular event if I have them on those pages too.

Here are some of my tabs... I stuck a left over cupcake topper under this tab.
Here are some sketches of the designs I did for a Surprise Party for my Friend..

Here is one of the leftover invites from her party that I clip in this section to inspire me!

The owl Party I did...

I have loved this idea notebook.  I have almost filled this one up, so I'm sure I'll create me another one!  This has been a huge help to me.  Sometimes my mind will fill up with ideas and I need a central place to spill the ideas onto!  Sometimes it's literally at 2:30 in morning and I just find my notebook, fill up the pages with my ideas and sketches and then I get back to sleep!! 

Well I hope I have inspired you to start your own type of idea or creative notebook!

Have a fabulous Monday!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! What a perfect idea to marry the chalkboard, tabs and writing things down in one spot. I think that you are a genius!! Pinned and so doing!


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