Monday, November 12, 2012

Barnwood Boxes

I wanted to share with you an idea of how to build some Barnwood Boxes out of Cedar fencing and some different ideas of how you can use your boxes for Seasonal Decoration-- how to transition them from Fall to Christmas, and how to use them as an every day part of your Decor. 

I have been asked to be a monthly contributor to a fabulous blog named Simply Kierste  I'm so excited for this opportunity! These boxes were my first post on her blog a little over a week ago!  Check out her blog, she has fabulous ideas for everything!  I am always amazed at all she does.

I know there is such a craze for Barnwood.  I love it myself, and I wanted to incorporate it into my home. So I designed these boxes and built them out of cedar fencing.  I then used a combination of paint and stain to make them look like Barnwood! They were inexpensive and pretty easy to build.  You can use items you may have around your home to fill them or even items you may find outside too!  (I did!)

I can't wait to show you some other ideas I came up with for these!
Here is another shot of them for fall...

Once it is time to move onto Christmas, then you can fill them with your Christmas Decor goodies too!

***Ok so here is where I let the fun begin.   I decided to stencil some numbers with paint on the boxes.  You can display with all or just some of your numbers showing. 

Here is Christmas with all numbers showing...

Now you could also cut some vinyl and letter the boxes too.  Simply turn the numbers back around.  The great thing about vinyl is, you can peel it off when you are done.

I did some with the letters JOY

This one is one of my favorites,  I did the word Peace out of vinyl...

Ok and here is also another fun thing you can do!  If you don't want words,  but like the idea of the numbers, then you can use only some of your numbers.  Simply turn around the box with the "2" on it and the box with the "5" on it, to represent Dec. 25th for Christmas...

 (You could also fill them for Halloween and have only the "3" and the "1" show also!) Now once your seasons are over and you just want to use your boxes for other uses, you can!  You can use your boxes all together or even split them up!  The possibilities are endless!  

I also thought about this idea.  I wanted to use mine for everyday items, even wanted to put them in a place that inspires me.  I thought, what if you used these boxes in a place where you create!  

Here is a shot with just one number showing...

You could have all the numbers showing, or just some.  I also cut some vinyl to say Create and placed it on the outside of the longer box.  

I filled this box with some items that are meaningful to me...  I'm partial to the number 5 because of my kids, I found some old style flash cards and put the Letter R showing for my husband Ryan's name (also my initial is just a hair above his, aww).  A picture of some old Mailboxes I took at our family's little Island home in Washington, some cute blue washi tape and twine to inspire me to wrap up gifts to give others and the dominoes to represent our 5 kids.  The 3 showing for the girls and a 2 showing for the boys. Chevron stamp for fun!

I also thought of the rulers, because I love to build and they represent building and creating to me... Thanks Lesa for my antique ruler!  I love it!

Flowers because I love to garden.  I love these papers printed with fun music notes and book paper and map paper, they just inspire me to create...

Note: vinyl does not like to stick to a stained surface, so it takes a little bit of work to get your vinyl to adhere, but still works!

If you would like to see how you can build these Barnwood Boxes, you can see that here or click on any of the photos below!

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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