Saturday, September 15, 2012

A sweet treat!

I made these Cookie pops for the Owl party and they were so simple and yummy!  Here's how I did it!
I bought the double stuff Cookies at Walmart or you could also buy Oreo double stuff cookies. You will also need some Candiquik or some type of melting chocolate, (You can use white or  dark chocolate) Some sprinkles and some lollipop sticks!  

Open up and take out your candiquik and get it heating up...

Take your cookies and place a lollipop stick in between the cookie in the cream center...

Dunk them in the melted chocolate...

Sprinkle on some Love...

Set them out to dry on some wax paper...

Now you can display them anyway you want really.  I was incorporating these into an Owl themed party and so I thought it would be fun to drill some holes into some logs and stick the cookie pop in it!

The party guests loved them and they really are simple to make and don't forget Yummy too!!


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  1. I just found and subscribed to your blog! Can't wait for more projects to be posted!


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