Friday, September 14, 2012

5 things Happening around here

Do you ever think, Wow this is a busy time?   Well I feel like that all the time sometimes!  But being busy, to me, I have always considered to be a good thing.  With all that has to be done in a day, life can be simply put,  demanding.  

I love to be busy.  As a child I had A LOT of energy. Maybe that's why I like to be busy. I love to have projects going.  I love to have my husband and kids home around me and just feel of  their good presence and energy and the buzz from them.

 I wanted to share with you some of the fun things going on around here right now.  So I thought I would spotlight {5} of them, because I like numbers.

5 things we are up to around here...

1. Fall is in the air and  its time to start getting out the Fall Decor. I'll share with you the pics when I get it all put up!  I was shopping at Target the other night and I found this little friend and I couldn't leave there without it. I just had to bring her home.  I can't wait to incorporate her into my Mantle display...

2. Eeeek! This one is soo exciting to me!    I've been working on Pinning to my Pinterest Boards.  I have always thought to myself, wouldn't it be just so totally amazingly cool if I was on Pinterest sometime and Randomly ran across something of mine that I have created and found it on someone's Pinterest Board? 

Well it happened... 

The other night I was searching out the topic of Entertaining.  I found a fun Pinterest Board by Sarah Shook.  As I scrolled through her Board, I found Ava's cupcake toppers pinned to one of her boards.  I screeched out to Ryan, "Someone pinned Ava's cupcake toppers and party!"  

**The next day I awoke and  discovered some more wonderful news... 

I found out that the Silhouette America Company, the maker of the Cameo that I use in so many of my projects, has some of my projects Pinned on THEIR Pinterest Boards!  I squealed with excitement!  It was nice to be recognized by them...

I first found the Lockers I just built for our Garage!

  Its under their Home Decor Board!
    You can be linked to the Pin on their Pinterest Board here or click on the photo below:

I next found that they have featured Ava's Cupcake toppers and party under their DIY Party board:
                  You can be linked to this Pin on their Pinterest Boards  here or click on the photo below:


If you want to go the Silhouette's Main Pinterest Board you can by clicking on this link: To get some more inspiration of what people have done with their Silhouette:

A huge thank you to the Silhouette Company and anyone else who has pinned my projects and items!  I really appreciate that and just wanted to let you know how much that means to me!

I have also met some great new Facebook, Blog and Pinterest followers because of it! Thank you to all of you!
I'm soo new to Pinterest there are so many things I'm still discovering about it!

3. I've been domestic!  It's Harvest time, which means Salsa!  We grew some Tomatoes and peppers this summer. It was fun to do it and watch them grow.  There were some nights Ryan and I would forget to water the tomatoes and we would stop by the Tomato Patch on our walk at 10- 10:30 p.m and would water by flashlights!  It has been a good experience and now I'm making Salsa!

4.  I'm also working on some projects  with some of these papers below for my Friend Melissa's Fall show coming up here in October.  I'll keep you posted and give you more info on that one.  Wish me luck with all my ideas!

5.  Ryan and his dad started working on the inside of our shed and putting in some shelves!  They cranked out a lot of work in one day!  We still have some more work to do in the shed, but it feels good to have it started! (they had McKay jump in and hold a board, thought it was fun to see a shot of 3 generations at work together!)

Here is a shot of the side shelves complete with my drills on them.

  I love my drills.  I remember when Ryan bought me my first drill for my Birthday a few years back.  I remember him saying, "I watch you struggle with that smaller drill and I wanted to get you one that you can use for your big projects!"  Awwww... I thought that was sweet of him.  

My dad found me the other drill!  I love having 2 drills!  One for the pilot holes and one for the driver! Thanks Ryan and Dad!
I also have some more Fall ideas I want to build and create with wood for the upcoming Fall Season and a few other projects!!  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get it all accomplished!

So there you have it,  a highlight of some of our happenings around here!

Thanks again for reading,
With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. Hello. You probably already know this, but you can see everything that has been pinned from your blog:

    Do you know that? or did you just run across the pins by chance?

    I love the 3 generation picture. That is a keeper picture :)
    Have a good Friday!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It was deleted it on accident sorry! but no I didn't know there was such a thing on Pinterest! Its all so exciting! I ran across ava's cupcake toppers randomly and then one day I had a lot of new followers and my blog stats were kinda high for me that day so I investigated and that's when I discovered the Silhouette company had pinned me! It was pretty cool! I was sooo excited!

      I love the 3 generation pic too! I cant' believe how tall Mac is getting!!

  3. Hi again, I don't have a pinterest account but Kendra told me about how you can look to see who has pinned pics from any blog :)

    1. Oh I think you should get a Pinterest Account my friend! There are so many fun things you need to see on there!! You would have a blast! :)

  4. You are one busy lady!!! Crazy thing, I saw your stuff on pinterest the other night and about died with excitement for you! YEA!!!

  5. Busy lady, but when aren't you. I love the new owl addition (maybe that should be the next animal to the Flitton Farm. It can live in the back hedge). Congrats on the Pinterest! You deserve every "pin" of it. I love your salsa. Thanks for sharing. An I love the 3 generation picture. McKay looks almost as tall as Ryan. You guys are going to love your extra space in your shed. Now of only I could figure out what you are scheming up with the paper. :)

    1. Thank you Cynthia! I love the little witchy owl! its been so fun to have around! Mac really does look as tall as Ryan. I thought that was funny too! Yes I think the extra space will be so great! I really need to get out there too and do some things I have in mind!! I hope all the paper ideas work out!!

  6. Thank you Kiristin! Oh that is so sweet of you! I still love how you've re-done your mom's front room and kitchen! That my dear is a lot of work! it looks awesome!

  7. Very cool that sihloutte pinned your projects! They are very cute it doesn't surprise me :)

    Have you ever heard of The Blueprint Social or Clever Girls Collective?
    You should apply to both of them. If you get accepted then they send you a weekly opportunities (you can choose to accept or not accept) to do craft projects and get paid to blog about them :)
    I have done some, they are super fun! :)



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