Monday, March 17, 2014

Simple Ruler Frame

I made this simple Photo frame using 2 pieces of wood and a ruler!  No glass involved.

It is a simple and cute frame that is tacked down only at the ends of the ruler allowing a photo to slide    in the middle section tucked in behind the ruler to hold your photo! 

It can be used to hold several photos, a recipe, a note to a loved one, a shopping list or how cute would this be as a teacher gift with a cute photo or note tucked in it?  

Or the front can also serve as a stand or display.  This is kind of  a Scrapbook look below…

For this project you will need two blocks of wood 3/4 in. thick.  Dimensions are below…

a ruler

1 1/2 in. brad nails or some type of nails to nail the blocks together.

5/8 in. brad nails

Miter Saw

Brad Nailer

1. -Cut a block of wood for the back piece 7.5 in. long by 5.5 in. wide

-Cut a block for the front piece 7.5 in. long by 1.5 in wide

-A ruler cut the same length as the blocks pieces 7.5 in.  long

2. Paint your blocks the color of your choice & stain your ruler.

3. Stand the Back Piece on its side horizontal, lay the front piece in front flush with the back piece.  On the Back of the Frame, nail the two blocks together using a Nailer and 1 1/2 in. brads. The nails should be coming from the back of the frame and being shot towards the front block. 

Next  Remember to...
(Change out your size brad nails to a 5/8 in. brad for this next step)

4.  NOTE on this next part, only nail the ruler down at the very ends of the ruler using the 5/8 in. brads.  The middle portion of the ruler cannot be nailed down.  This is where the photos are tucked behind the ruler to hold them down.  

Sand the edges and lightly stain to antique it if desired!  Project complete! 

Thanks for reading,

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