Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Quick & Simple Gift Idea...

 So if you have someone you need to give a Spring Gift to, here is a real fast and simple Gift idea...

These are just Dahlia's purchased at Lowe's.  I took some burlap, cut it to a square that would cover the pot and have some left over for looks, cut some ribbon and wrapped them up!  Simple, Quick and Fun!

I've got some more posts to share this week.  I have so many projects and birthdays right now, I'm literally running from one project to the next, {And I LOVE it!}

Stay tuned tomorrow, I will announce the winner of the Chalkboard message center!  Yippie!
(If you haven't already entered, there is still time! ) 

Have a Beautiful Day!
With Much Love & Gratitude,


  1. Michelle, Oh my goodness am I ever excited to find this amazing blog of yours! I don't have time right now, (tending little Franki and Jonni) but I will be checking back later to read all of the "older posts" because I already know I am going to love them all!! You are soooooo talented!! Thanks for sharing!!! Becky

  2. Becky! Im so so glad you found my Blog! Thank you Thank you for your sweet sweet comments!! Talk to you soon! :)


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