Friday, May 11, 2012

A HUGE THANK YOU & Happy Mother's Day!

 As I start this post, I have tears in my eyes.  I am absolutely in awe from  the amount of beautiful comments and amazing feedback I have heard from everyone that has stopped by my Blog, has a left a comment on the "ChalkBoard",  has sent me a heartfelt e-mail and has signed up as a Follower!  Thank you Thank you!  I appreciate and love each and every one of your comments!  I hope this can continue to be a fun and uplifting Blog for you to visit and follow!  So again, thank you thank you!

Now onto my Mother's Day Tribute!  For Mother's Day / Woman's Day Weekend, I thought it would be fun to also combine it with my Favorite Photo Find(s) this time.  I couldn't stop at just one photo!

Some years ago I did photography for clients.  Once I had our last two little babies, I had to rearrange things in my life and had to walk away from photography.  It still is a fun hobby/passion of mine!  Since it's Mother's Day Weekend and we are Celebrating our Mothers and ourselves if we happen to be a mom, I thought I would share with you a few pics... I'm just focusing on shots of expecting moms and tiny babies for this find... 

I love in this shot below how the hands frame the new little man that is about to arrive...

I Love being a Mom, I consider it to be such an Honor.  My kids totally fulfill my Life.  They make me laugh.   I Love this shot.  I love shots that are by a window.  I shot this in my family room next to the glass.  It was a rainy day and I felt it helped to make the shot more dramatic. Natural light can add such an effect to a shot...

Being a Mom is probably one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs and I'm glad it's mine.  I love this next shot.  I shot it in natural light.  I love how this mom is so taken with her new little arrival...
 I also love shots that aren't perfectly posed.  Love how this little one is just hanging around...

I love those new moments after a baby is born, the moment is kinda surreal and we realize the magnitude of what has just occurred.  I did a fun thing in the hospital when I had Ava. She still had her band on her ankle, so I took the white part of the little Hospital blanket to surround the foot to create a stronger focus and took her over by the Hospital Window, fixed it so our Last name showed in the shot and snapped away... still one of my favs...

I am not only grateful for being a Mom, but so grateful for the Mother I have.  She is Literally the most Beautiful person on the outside as well as within.  If I can only be half the Mom my Mom has been to me, then I'm going to do just fine.  I've said in the past my mom is crafty.  She crocheted this Blessing Dress for our Madi when she was born and we have Blessed all three of our girls in it.  The Dress hangs in the girls room now for display.  It's simply Beautiful.. This is a shot of Ava in the Dress.  I took an old chair I got from my Grandpa Barlow, fixed the light in my front room window and put her in front of the Board and Batton wall to get a textured look for this shot...

A close up of Aves in the Blessing Dress made by my Mom...
This next shot of Aves is also one of my favorites.  Ryan was holding her for the shot and  I love how she's slumped over and trying to open one eye... Again taken by the window for a little effect.

I know all of these shots are emotional ones and stir up those sweet moments we have as moms. If I listed everything we do as moms, I would be writing a novel and if I put pictures on about every thing we did as moms and women I would probably need another blog (hee hee).  I love every stage of my kids lives,  I love having teenagers (did i just say that???) all the way to toddlers.   When we are exhausted from chasing little ones, changing diapers, running from dance, to baseball, to karate, it's these sweet moments we think back on when we welcome that new little one into our home.  May you have a Wonderful Mother's Day/Woman's Day Weekend! 

                             (This shot I love of Ava in the Basket.  It again is just taken in our
                            family room, I backed up a bit to get a distance shot for more effect.)

Thanks again for reading,
With Much Love & Gratitude,


  1. All these pictures are beautiful! I especially love the one of you in the hospital and the one with Ava in the basket.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thanks Lesa! They are fun shots! I love the one of me in the Hospital too. That's meeting Ivy right after i had her. I didn't even know Ryan was taking that shot of me. Sweet. And yes the one of Aves in the basket is a Classic!

  2. Thanks for sharing your family photos and your comments about mothers. I agree your Mom is one of the precious angels here on earth.
    Aunt Barb

  3. I started crying reading about Aunt Sue! She is simply the sweetest woman I have ever know! You are just so talented Shell! Looking at these beautiful photo makes me so excited for my little one!


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