Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creative Inspiration from Madi

 Hi,  I wanted to touch base with you.  We have had a crazy weekend.  Our Littlest one, Ivy has become very ill and had to be Hospitalized for a couple days over the Weekend.  A possible Staph Infection??? Still not clear.  

But while Ryan and I have been back and forth to the Hospital, our sweet Madi has been crafting and helping our older boys run the house and watch Ava.  While I've been occupied with getting our Little Ivy on the mend, Madi has put her creative energy to work.  I wanted to share with you how cute this little Hair clip is that she created.  I love the color combinations.

She doubled up mini cupcake wrappers and glued some baker's twine in the middle, put a clip on the back and gave it to Ava.  Ava loved it and had me take her picture with it...  I thought it was so sweet of Madi to do that for her sis! Thanks Madi! I also thought this would look cute clipped on a shirt as a name tag, with a little paper clipped on it with the name displayed.

I promise I will get back to some more posts, but I have had to concentrate my efforts on getting our little one back to full health and get some things organized around here.

Ivy is home from the Hospital now, but we have to keep a close eye on her. More follow up appointments with Doctors this week.  She gave us quite a scare on Saturday when she became so ill. 
Our goal is to get her eating and drinking good, free from her infection and  back to our fun little Ivy that we all know and love like she is in this photo below!

Thank you thank you to everyone for your support and prayers for our family and our little Ives.  We truly appreciate it!

With much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. Michelle that must have been terrifying. With all the flu news I'm deathly afraid every time one of mine comes down with even just a fever, illness is not to be taken lightly. Best wishes for Ivy, hope you resolve the infection and cure her well and good.

    1. Oh thank you so much for the sweet words! She is doing so much better know and we are so relieved! She's back to her feisty little self and we love it!!

  2. Poor little Ivy (and mom & dad!). Hope she continues on the mend and stays clear of all the rest of the crap going around! She is just the cutest thing ever!

  3. OH thank you! we are so glad she is doing better. She gave us a scare for a bit there, but now she is back as her usual little self, the youngest of 5 kids and bossing the whole house around. We love her and her fun little personality!!!


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