Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Shoot… re-cap!

A little re-cap of our Adventure to capture some shots for the family Christmas Card. Whenever we head out to shoot photos, I have to take a deep breath.  Getting 5 kids ready, outfits coordinated, hair styled and make sure everyone is happy is enough to put me over the edge.  We managed to do it and get some shots to make a Christmas card to send to family and friends.  
As we were driving to our photo destination, I turn around and find this one sacked out.  Yeah, not a good start to a photo shoot!

  I wanted to find a more industrial looking background.  We drove around for a while and then I spotted some dark doors with texture that caught my eye!  

Once we got Ivy a little awake and happy, we were able to start shooting.  I could not have asked for a better day!  It was cloudy and the weather wasn't too cold.  The light on the side of this building was awesome, it gave such a good glow.  I shot with my D200 and my 50mm portrait lens.  

The best group shot I was able to get was this one,  I did have to do some touchups but not too bad.

I started taking the individual shots.  Here are Ava's… Little cutie! She has always reminded me of the littlest girl on the Narnia movies.

Once we got Ivy to cooperate, she did alright.  She has a hard time looking at the camera.  She gets distracted easily.  There's a lot to look at when you are three! Love her!

 Next up, Parker.  Can I just say, taking Parker's pictures is the craziest challenge.  First of all he is a Comedian.  He is so funny.  I can rarely get a serious shot out of him.  For instance, He will give me these froggy eyes...

But then I was able to get him to come around and give me some good shots.  I crack up at this kid!

 Next we tackled McKay's photos.  He is so funny.  He rarely will smile in a photo.  He's at that cool stage. 

I loved this.  I was shooting his photos, he's giving me his best looks, but it is so hard to act tough in photos when first of all your mom is shooting them and second,  your younger brother is standing behind her cracking jokes.  
ahh,  there's a smile!

 I loved this one turned black and white…

and last, my Madi.  What a sweetie she is!

This is how I put them together for the Christmas Card.  
 The Group shot, I put together in Rhonna Designs.

For the Individuals, I put 3 things that describe them the most.

 I did a 3-fold Christmas card that I cut out of card stock on  my Silhouette and glued them together. I went with black to coordinate with their outfits.  This was the front cover.  I cut some  deer out of silhouette's adhesive foil.  I had the front cover,  show just some of their feet with the word Christmas visible... 

Next the flap opened to reveal the rest of the feet..

then unfolded all of  the way…  There is a little pocket that I put the individual shots in and did a little doodle on with a white pencil. I also placed in there a little signature card where I wrote a  note to everyone on. 

It's a wrap!    Christmas Card photo shoot done!  Of course we had some funny shots too...

I love that  McKay and Madi are posed, Parker, the second one in from the left is just looking up at the sky, Ava is mad and Ivy is just off in wonderland!  

I love this one of Ivy teasing Ava!

We hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Season!  Thank you for reading my blog!  We love you!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I always love getting your cards! They are so creative. But it kills me that your boys are so old! It seems like just yesterday they were babies. And now McKay has a beard! Hugs -cousin Ashley

  2. Your cards always blow me away! I loved this one! I can't believe how big your kids are! McKay looks like a male model...and a lot like Grandpa (and my brother Aaron!). Parker cracks me up just looking at those pictures. Madi is so gorgeous! Those lips and eyes, wow! You are right, Ava does look like Lucy from Narnia and Ivy is so sweet. I LOVED that door in the background! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What amazing photos of such a good looking group of siblings!! You have such an artistic gift for photography. I love how you put the individual shots together with the text below :). Happy 2014 - Heidi

  4. Excellent shots mom!!!!! I have to say I love the one of the son that won't is bottom left of the 4 pack he is looking aside but you can see him smiling..just above main one smiling and the close up of Madi?? did I get that right? the ones you finally picked for the cards were perfect!!! And yes, the one where all of them were doing something different, priceless and that one should be framed and hung up!! It shows their selves, I really love that one!

    Just happened upon your blog and was poking around. Had to leave a comment!

    Jackie P

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