Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Card Idea

 I wanted to share with you a fun idea you could use for a Christmas Card.  I know its only the first part of November, but this card might take a little bit of time to design and cut out so I thought I would give you plenty of time to plan!  

I made this card look like a file folder.  I made it look as if our family was a company!  It was such a fun card to make and send out!!  (Note, clothespin is not included in the card, merely a prop to hang the card on our Christmas Card tree..)

I first figured out where my text would land on the cards as the folder is folded and the tab header is shown. (Yes, this took a few tries.)   I  then sent my regular sized 8 1/2 by 11 in. card stock through my printer one way for the text to end up where the folder tab would be.  I next turned my card stock over and ran it through my printer printing on the letters for Merry Christmas.  

Once all of the printing was done, I free hand sketched a file folder as if it were in an office, making sure my text is lined up.  I next cut that out and it became my template.  I traced and cut that on each of my printed card stock and then folded them and embellished them on the front.  I place our Family photo on the front as well.

Once the card is opened, it looks like this on the inside…

for the inside of the card,  in photoshop, I made a 5x7  and placed each of our kids photos on it with a description or definition of that child under each of  their photos as if they were being kept on file…  I had them printed as 5x7's and  then I just placed them inside of the file folder as if it were a loose piece of paper.  

this Christmas card was really fun to do!  I hope if you choose to do this, you will enjoy yours also!  

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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