Saturday, July 27, 2013

All "Cooped" Up...


 Its been almost two years since we built our Chickens their coop.  There have been a couple things I have needed to do to keep it running a little smoother and I just haven't had the time.  For Instance, I just recently returned from Girls Camp.  Yep, I was the Camp Director.  My first time!  WE had a BLAST!  I have been so busy getting ready for Girls Camp, I haven't had time to get to projects that have been needing my attention.

So yesterday I decided was the day I re-worked some things inside the Chicken coop!  Oh man!  It was a dirty job, (not to mention it was 100 degrees outside,) but I can now say I am SO glad I did it.  A couple of things needed to be re-done.  One thing was the paint color on the walls.  We had a cream color in there and it was just kinda dark and dreary looking. So I changed the color to white.  Helped a ton! 

Second, I needed to re build their roosts.  They were too close to the walls, so that meant a lot of Chicken droppings or Sludge dripping down the walls. Yucko!

I started early in the morning. I knew the project had to be completed in one day because the Ladies would want to be in there at night to sleep.  

I cleaned out the old sawdust.  Shoveled and swept. I next took my sander to the walls and sanded down all of the dried sludge.  Yuck!  I next vacuumed and applied a new coat of paint! {Ava and Ivy helped me with the paint, it was crazy in there!},  Re-built the roosts, Ryan helped me hang them when he got home from work.  We next put down the saw dust and the Ladies had a new coop to sleep in!  Yippie!

It feels soo much better in there now!  I'm sure I will need to do some more maintenance in the future, but this feels good for now!!!

If you would like to see more about our Chicken Coop/shed and How we built it, you can see that HERE or by clicking on the photo below.

With Much Love & Gratitude,

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  1. I really want chickens and a chicken coop but I think it's against my HOA! Haha...someday I'm hoping to live in the country and be able to enjoy all of those things! Love the sprucing up you did to the coop! I'm sure you've got some very happy chicks!


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